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Nic is Customer Success Manager at Evergage, bringing extensive email marketing expertise to the team. With his background in executing marketing programs through email, mobile, research services, content generation, and strategic consulting, he’s going to do good things here. Nic has recently realized his dream of living in Maine, and enjoys music, spending time with his family, watching movies and TV, and being a dedicated fan of the Chicago Cubs, Indianapolis Colts, and Butler Bulldogs.

The Last Go-Round for the Homepage Carousel

It's time to say goodbye to an old friend — the rotating carousel of hero or banner images at the top of your homepage or other areas on your website. You can recognize it immediately when you land on a website that has one. The content on the homepage changes every few seconds as you’re trying to read it, or you spot the tell-tale dots under the image, as in the image below. While these carousels are still a common web design technique used by many sites, advancements in website personalization technology (as well as the carousel's general ineffectiveness) may eventually force this once favorite strategy toward retirement. Content in a Carousel Often Goes Ignored Studies have shown that users who interact with a carousel will typically click on items in the first frame, even if the content order is [...]

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