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Paula Crerar

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Paula is VP of content marketing and programs at Evergage, responsible for driving thought leadership, brand awareness and conversions. She has 25 years of experience developing and managing content marketing and go-to-market strategies at leading tech firms including Brainshark, Salary.com Dragon Systems and Lotus Development. Paula earned an MBA from Babson College and a BS in management from Boston College.

Navigating Constant Change: Takeaways from Retail Innovation Conference

Last week’s Retail Innovation Conference brought together perspectives from over 50 retail professionals, who presented on everything from the state of the industry, AI and personalization, to payment systems and influencer marketing. As sponsors, our team had the opportunity to have great conversations with some of the 400+ attendees and share insights. Here are my biggest takeaways from the conversations and the sessions: Meet and exceed escalating expectations Ken Hughes, shopper behavioralist and entertaining speaker, described the perspectives of Millennials and Gen Z who have always lived in a world where, with a few clicks on a mobile phone, they can book a plane ticket without having to wait for a travel agent to call them back with flight options. They expect that the sites they interact with will be easy and fun to navigate and the checkout process will [...]

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Personalization Trends: 2018 Survey Results

Chances are high that if you’re a marketer, you’ve at least heard of personalization. And if you’re like 92% of marketers, you’re using personalization in at least one channel. So how does your personalization program compare to other marketers like you? We set out to understand how marketers are using and thinking about personalization in our annual study with Researchscape International, 2018 Trends in Personalization. Evergage CMO Andy Zimmerman and I recently presented some of our findings from this study in a webinar. In this blog post, I’ll give a preview of what we discussed. For more detail, check out the webinar replay. Marketers recognize the importance of personalization — and they’re investing Marketers overwhelmingly agree (98%) that personalization helps advance customer relationships, with 74% claiming it has a “strong” or “extreme” impact. Nearly 9 out of 10 (88%) state [...]

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Personalization and Other Hot Topics at Shoptalk 2018

Marketers have talked about being more “customer-centric” for years, but what “customer-centricity” actually means has evolved over time. Today, marketers are coming to realize that one-to-one personalization is essential to being a customer-centric business, because each customer is different. What works for one person may not work for another, so you can’t be “customer centric” for every customer unless you’re leveraging personalization to tailor your shopping experience to each and every individual person. Those of us who attended Shoptalk this year heard this as a major theme throughout the event. And in today’s competitive retail industry where headlines highlighting store closings are commonplace and competition for online traffic is fierce, providing unique experiences is more of an imperative than ever before. Of course, retailers already realize this. In his keynote, David Jaffe, Chairman & CEO of Ascena Retail Group, Inc., [...]

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The State of Personalization in 2017

The world of personalization is rapidly evolving. Consumer expectations of what a great experience looks like regularly change based on the interactions they have with other brands. And technology continues to improve to deliver more impressive one-to-one personalized experiences in real time. It is understandably difficult for most marketers to keep up with all this evolution.   At Evergage, we strive to stay on top of how marketers are currently thinking about and using personalization. Last week, I was pleased to join Jerry Rackley (Chief Analyst at Demand Metric) to present the webinar 2017 Trends in Personalization, sharing the findings from Evergage’s and Researchscape’s annual study of personalization trends including usage, perceptions and levels of satisfaction. Here is a preview of what we discussed, but for more detail, check out the webinar replay. Personalization is a must-have, but marketers believe [...]

How Evergage Crashed the Adobe Summit This Year

If you didn’t hear, we weren’t invited back to the annual Adobe Summit in Las Vegas. It seems Adobe has caught on that we’re a competitor! So, instead of exhibiting inside, we decided to do some street marketing outside the venue — a little “guerrilla marketing,” if you will. Why did we do this, you might ask? We wanted to raise attention about claims Adobe makes about its solution for personalization – which is not truly real-time and not really 1:1. Evergage is, and we felt the Adobe Summit audience ought to know! You only have to look at the scope of the Adobe Summit and Adobe’s overall marketing programs to see that we’re not exactly evenly matched in resources. So we wanted to do something to get our name out there and to encourage marketers to look at the [...]

Personalization is Approaching Mainstream [Infographic]

Are you using personalization in your marketing initiatives? If you’re like most marketers, you probably are. In fact, we recently found that 85% of marketers are using some form of personalization in their marketing. And of those that are not using personalization already (or are only using it in email), 55% plan to begin using it within the next year. This week we launched our latest report, “2016 Trends in Personalization,” produced in conjunction with Researchscape International, which examines marketers’ perceptions, usage levels and future plans relating to personalization. Based on a survey of 250 organizations of all sizes, respondents came from a range of industries with a wide variety of marketing or senior management titles. Check out some of the key findings in the infographic below.    In the survey, we asked marketers to rate various marketing initiatives [...]

Personalization Strategy: Tips on Implementation

In my last post, I talked at a high level about the steps involved in planning a personalization strategy. Today we get more specific and closer to implementation. Let’s imagine that we’re following the personalization team at an e-commerce company as they go through their planning process. Based on the company’s corporate and financial goals, the team identified a key challenge – high bounce rates on initial engagement – they’d like to address. They huddle to develop a few ideas (aka “plays”) for how to use personalization to reduce bounce rates, including: Play 1: Personalizing experiences based on a shopper’s geography (e.g., suggesting air cleaners versus air conditioners depending on season and location). Play 2: Improving product discovery by presenting trending products when the visitor reveals more of his or her interests – by engaging with the site or through actual [...]

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B2B E-commerce Personalization: Challenges and Opportunities

To succeed in competitive markets, B2B e-commerce companies – like their B2C counterparts – are investing in personalization solutions. But for these businesses, adopting the same e-commerce personalization programs deployed by B2C organizations is neither sufficient nor adequate. Why? Because B2B e-commerce involves additional layers of complexity. There are frequently multiple decision-makers and buyers within each business account for instance, and you often need to take into consideration annual contracts, negotiated pricing and other permissions or restrictions (e.g., limiting the ability to purchase select products). [...]

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Planning Your Personalization Strategy in 2016

Personalized marketing is on every "top marketing trends for 2016" list. If this is the year for your company to embrace personalization, how do you get started? What's the right way to develop a personalization strategy? With this step-by-step approach, you'll take the best path to successful personalization: [...]

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