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Ritika is a freelance writer who focuses on marketing leadership, analytics, and entrepreneurship. As the founder of Storyhackers, she is passionate about educating the world about data and helping her fellow marketers approach tough problems creatively (and succeed).

8 Illuminating Reads from Personalization Experts

Personalization is one of the most important concepts in marketing today. The vision is simple: in an ideal world, every brand experience would be tailored to the individual. Audiences would receive the right messages at the right time in their journeys. Web experiences would be seamless and tailored to each person’s preferences and browsing history. To begin working towards this ideal as a digital marketer, how do you make sure that you’re taking the right steps forward and avoid pitfalls? Read the Evergage blog, of course! But don’t just take our word for it… here is some recommended reading material from personalization experts outside of Evergage to accelerate your learning: 1. 5 Incredible Examples of Personalized Marketing Source: Pardot What exactly does personalization look like in practice? The answer to this question can take many shapes and forms—there’s no single [...]

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3 Simple Steps for Reducing Customer Churn

No matter your industry, customer support is always challenging. Buyers across the board want faster, better, and more tailored experiences. And companies are repositioning customer support into a strategic function, with the term “customer success” becoming quite popular. Today’s customer success reps are often strategic sellers and marketers—which means that the need to prevent customer churn is more pressing than ever. If your customer success function is a leaky bucket, all other aspects of your business are likely to hurt too. Done manually, customer retention can be a tough function to support. How do you give each customer the individualized attention they need to stay on board? How do you respond to every potential sign of a customer losing interest? The short answer is to deploy a strategic mix of real-time personalization, in-app messaging and automation. I interviewed Evergage’s Julie [...]

How to Optimize Micro-Moments for High-Consideration Purchases

Buyer journeys are becoming increasingly complex. Thanks to newer digital channels, technology is evolving at lightning speed. As a result, shoppers in both B2B and B2C have a wealth of resources available to support their research processes. As sales consultant Jill Rowley points out, today’s buyers rely on research to drive their consideration processes. They use a series of touchpoints to make the best possible decisions — particularly  for expensive purchases such as software subscriptions, services, and high-end products. Enter micro-moments. Think with Google uses this concept to describe the “fractured buyer journeys” that span hundreds of real-time, intent-driven interactions with your company. As Google points out, these moments are critical opportunities to shape long-term purchase intent. Every touchpoint needs to make an impact. So how do you make the most out of each touchpoint, especially for high-consideration purchases for [...]

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Improving Shopper Experiences by Understanding On-Site Search Behavior

If you have an e-commerce site, a sizeable portion of your traffic probably uses your on-site search function to find products. By searching for something specific, these shoppers are providing you with valuable information, telling you what they are interested in and what they intend to do on your site. Yet most e-commerce sites today will bring a visitor to a search results page, but not incorporate that data anywhere else in the customer experience. How can you leverage this useful nugget of information? Here are some ideas of how you can use on-site search in the rest of the customer’s experience. 1. Personalize Product Recommendations You can use the data that you gather from on-site search to better inform the product recommendations that you make across your website, on your homepage, within the search results screen itself, or even [...]

How to Increase the Value of Financial Services Content

As if content marketing wasn’t challenging enough, financial services companies have the added hurdle of dealing with compliance complexities. No matter what types of financial products you sell or the audiences you’re aiming to reach, you likely need to follow a unique and specific set of regulations surrounding the Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) acts, among others. Additionally, visitors researching financial products can spend more time looking for the resources they need than actually reading them. And given that it can take multiple months to publish just one blog post, it’s critical that financial services marketers make the most out of every resource they publish so that they can ensure maximum impact with each piece. Here are four steps you can take to increase the value of your financial services content marketing program: 1. Use Content as a Learning Tool Where [...]

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3 Stages of E-commerce Personalization

Most B2C marketers will tell you that personalization is the future of marketing, especially in the e-commerce world where customer loyalty is a major challenge and attention spans are limited. In an ideal world, every B2C company would provide 1:1, concierge-like experiences for their visitors. But how do you even get close to this reality? It can be challenging to figure out what first steps to take. That’s why it’s so important for marketers to have a bird's-eye view into the personalization ecosystem — to know where their current efforts stand and how to prepare for the future. We asked Evergage’s customer success director Meera Murthy to share her wisdom and biggest lessons learned from working with hundreds of B2C companies. E-commerce Personalization Is Multifaceted There are many ways to build a successful personalization program. As Meera points out, there [...]

How Marketers and Customer Success Teams Can Build Stronger Alignment

When customers succeed, a marketer’s job becomes much easier. If you have a great product or service, your customers are likely to talk about it and make recommendations to their peers. They’re also likely to stick around as customers for the long-haul, share your content, and remain open to new products and services. It’s a feedback loop that builds upon itself, allowing marketing and customer success teams to focus on growth rather than plugging a leaky bucket. Because of this, both teams are stronger when they work closely together and share knowledge. When there’s a shift in customer sentiment or needs and requirements, customer success teams are generally the first to hear about it. Meanwhile, marketers, who have a broader view of the market, are often looking for patterns and trends that could impact strategy as well as customer stories [...]

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What IT Leaders Should Know About Personalization

The role of IT has changed more in the last 5 years than it has in the last 20. The reason? Thanks to mobile and web-based technologies, customers have raised their expectations and heightened their demands for faster, better services. To respond to this shift, CMOs having been given more authority and discretion to make ‘martech’ investments to improve operations, often operating independently of IT.   Inside progressive organizations, IT has transformed from a cost center to a strategic enabler. In addition to building systems that support overall company operations and ensuring network and system security, they’re seeking new ways to help business leaders like the CMO to innovate and succeed. One area of opportunity for IT leaders to improve collaboration within marketing is web personalization. Here’s why: 1. Personalization squashes data silos As businesses grow bigger, they generate more [...]

3 AB Testing Ideas to Improve Demand Generation

Two of the most important trends in martech are real-time and personalization. The reason why is simple: buyers respond better to relevant and targeted messaging. With the right technology and campaign execution, B2B organizations can dramatically improve their demand generation results. It’s no surprise that in a recent survey, one third of marketers rated personalization as the capability that will be most important to marketing going forward. But as I recently wrote about in “What to Know About Martech in 2016,” martech and real-time personalization, in particular, are still emerging. And while the tools and technology are important, good strategy and ideas are more so. It can be tough to know what steps to take to make the most impact in terms of lead generation and ROI. One way to outsmart this ambiguity is to run a series of A/B [...]

What to Know About Martech in 2016: Real-Time Personalization Edition

Marketers in every industry will tell you how important personalization is for the future of marketing and especially for conversion rate optimization. Now more than ever before, digital ecosystems are saturated with content, free trial offers, and multiple companies competing for the same audience eyeballs. To build stronger relationships with prospective customers and to increase engagement and conversions, organizations need to stand out and connect more effectively with their visitors. Marketers are coming to the realization that it’s not enough to have awesome content or loved products; there’s an equally important tactical side to your ‘reach’ and ‘engagement’ equation that requires you to present compelling information in a targeted, personalized manner. Despite this understanding, marketers are still struggling. While ‘real-time’ and ‘personalization’ are important discussion topics, they’re difficult to bring to life. While many companies have insight into the “what,” [...]

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5 Talks that Every Product Manager Needs to Watch

It’s a great time to be a product manager. Why? Because the world around you is a blank canvas, and there is tremendous opportunity to create something new and awesome. It’s the holiday season, so you’re probably relaxed and looking for some inspiration. We’ve rounded up some great video content to help keep you excited and engaged. If you’re a product manager, be sure to check out the following 5 talks: 1 - Lean Startup Conference Talk on Innovation in Storytelling After selling their intelligent music app company in 2011, entrepreneurs Prerna Gupta and Parag Chordia sat down to write a science fiction book. Very quickly, however, this journey led them to the realization of an even bigger market opportunity: the need for A/B testing in storytelling. Gupta and Chordia decided to build an app that personalizes reading experiences to [...]

Must-Follow Marketing Trends for Financial Services CMOs

Slowly and steadily, financial services companies are modernizing their marketing through magazine-like editorial hubs, personalization tech, and highly targeted promotional offers. Just take a look at First Republic Bank, The Hartford and American Express. All of these financial services leaders have thriving content marketing programs, are building audiences in the communities that they serve, and are strengthening their relationships with target audiences as a result. But these opportunities are also creating big challenges. How can financial services CMOs better utilize the data that they’re collecting from readers? What are the best technologies and approaches for improving customer experiences? How can firms increase the speed at which they’re responding to user signals? To answer these questions, you’re going to need to do some testing and exploring to see what works best for your organization. The following stats can help steer you [...]

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