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Ritika is a freelance writer who focuses on marketing leadership, analytics, and entrepreneurship. As the founder of Storyhackers, she is passionate about educating the world about data and helping her fellow marketers approach tough problems creatively (and succeed).

What You Need to Know about Customer Success in 2016 [Stats]

If you’re running a software company, you know that customer success (CS) is paramount to the success of your business. What’s more, if you have a SaaS subscription model, your customers’ success should be top of mind from the start. The challenge that companies face is that CS is often ambiguous territory and dependent on both technical and soft skills. For those reasons, it can be hard for some teams to secure the resources and time necessary for their best CS strategy. As you are planning your approach for 2016, here are three powerful data points to help shape your CS organization: 1. Strong customer success programs are reducing some companies’ churn rates to under 1% (yes, seriously). Climbing churn rates are any company’s worst nightmare. It’s hard to attract, vet, and onboard new customers—the last thing that you want [...]

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3 Impactful Ways to Improve Your Demand Gen Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

Are your marketing calls-to-action (CTAs) getting the attention that they deserve? A simple button, or even a link, can make all the difference in the world to your marketing campaigns; success can boil down to something as simple as basic word choice. How do you ensure that your CTAs are making the best possible impact? The answer is simple: you need to A/B test some concepts and ideas. At any given time, you need to be running at least one marketing experiment that challenges the existing copy and placement of your CTAs. Just look at this example from Iron Mountain, an enterprise information management company that was able to increase its number of qualified leads by 140% by changing its headline from “contact us” to “request a quote.” The reason behind this performance bump? The phrase “request a quote” is [...]

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5 A/B Tests to Try on Your Website

One of the biggest challenges in conversion rate optimization (CRO) is idea generation: how do you come up with new ideas to try, especially when your brain is preoccupied with other things?  You don’t have the time to test your hunches when you’re busy running day-to-day marketing campaigns, managing multiple programs and planning your next customer event. Here are some ideas to help fill the gaps: 1. Test your call-to-action (CTA) language CTAs are more powerful than they initially seem. With a few subtle word choices, you can dramatically improve your signups and downloads. CTAs also seem to evolve as a ‘fashion’ trend. In the early years of the internet, ‘click here’ was cool, but now it’s perceived as spammy. Today, marketers are using direct, easy-going and descriptive CTAs. For example, ‘download this guide’ or ‘get this resource’ are tactical, [...]

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Customer Engagement Tips for Travel Marketers

One of the biggest challenges that travel brands face today is fragmentation. According to a recent report from ThoughtShift, 66% of leisure travelers and 59% of business travelers use search engines to research online travel. Couple this pattern with the trend of 87% of website search queries being unique and 90% of people performing searches won’t browse past the first landing page. In other words, trip-planners will explore multiple options before making a purchase decision. As a marketer at a travel brand, you need to fight hard to attract, engage and retain your target audience. You also need to communicate a strong value proposition, incentivize loyalty, and find ways to better empower your website visitors. Check out these tips and use cases for inspiration: Craft a 1:1 personalized experience Travel companies have access to a wealth of consumer data. Think [...]

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3 Tips for Transforming Data into Product Recommendations

With the end of 2015 fast approaching, one thing is clear: our data is giving us cabin fever. From CPG to travel, retail, and financial services, companies are collecting volumes of audience data. We’re storing what blog articles they’re reading, which emails they’re opening, and what product pages they’re browsing. But much of that information is going unused.

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Key Considerations for Personalization for B2B Marketers

Empathy is the cornerstone of B2B marketing. If you’re selling products or services to other businesses, you’re likely asking your customer to make a big commitment—often thousands or tens of thousands of dollars worth. Real-time personalization is essential to this process, and savvy B2B marketers know it. The challenge? The majority of marketers, no matter how smart they are, aren’t sure how to create a personalization strategy. Few organizations are collecting the data they need to better target their audiences. Others? No matter how much data they have, they may not be able to use it—information lives in silos within their companies. But these constraints shouldn’t hold you back. There are plenty of ways to get started with personalization: the key is to build your tech around the specific demand generation goals that you want to accomplish. Here are some [...]

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How Financial Services Brands Can Supercharge Their In-App Messaging

When it comes to in-app marketing on desktop and mobile, customer acquisition is only part of the equation. In addition to encouraging adoption of your product or service, you need to find a way to keep your audiences engaged, educated and coming back. With digital channels being a staple in consumers’ lives, in-app messaging provides a direct way to build critical relationships, establish a sense of trust, and improve customer success. Understanding this trend, many marketers are crafting strategies to encourage re-engagement, identify upsell opportunities, and communicate with customers on a 1:1 level. The challenge? Many of these approaches are missing the mark entirely due to messaging techniques that are too general and/or irrelevant. Here are some tips that can help consumer-facing finance brands outsmart this learning curve and develop a high-performing in-app messaging strategy. 1. Be empathetic to information [...]

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Personalization Myths: Here’s What to Ignore

Marketing leaders rank personalization as the biggest opportunity in customer acquisition, engagement and retention. With competition for eyeballs becoming cutthroat, companies are looking for ways to outsmart industry noise and stand apart from their competitors. Direct 1:1 relationships will be crucial to meeting this need. For many companies, personalization is uncharted territory. As you evaluate solutions and run experiments on your website, you’re going to get advice. Focus on the good by turning on your fluff-detector. Here are 5 personalization myths that you need to ignore: 1. You're lagging behind  No. You’re not. In fact, the majority of digital marketers are just starting to get their feet wet. Very few personalization strategies are comprehensive, and there is plenty of opportunity to try new techniques, experiment, and learn. Only 29% of marketers today invest in website personalization and use of behavior-based data, [...]

Marketing Inspiration from 4 Cross-Platform Experiences

Need a little more personalization in your life? You’re not alone. One study says that 73% of all consumers prefer to do business with brands that use personal information to make their shopping experiences more relevant. But consumers are tough to track across devices and social media platforms. When it comes to cross-platform optimization, the unexpected is the new norm. You never know what devices your audiences will be using or how they might find you. Yet still, there are certain companies that make this process seem easy. Here are 4 examples to inspire you. 1. Google Maps Very few apps can say that their platforms are identical across devices. With Google Apps, however, the UX is always expected, tried, and true. Not to mention, the features on each platform all make sense. On desktop, you can calculate hypothetical traffic [...]

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Retailers’ Holiday Prep Guide

When it comes to holiday season marketing, it’s easy to get caught up with the bells and whistles in your latest and greatest holiday campaign. While awesome brand experiences are important, your biggest opportunities are often lurking beneath the surface, at subtle touchpoints within your on-site experience. As research from Think with Google points out, today’s transactions are all about micro-moments. In addition to making a splash, you also need to optimize the many different interactions that your buyers have with your company, from discovery through checkout and re-engagement.  Audit your site for dead-end pages. Dig deep into your site to make sure that every single page is performing and that no website visitors can get lost. Work with your technical teams to understand which visitor paths are resulting in 404s, and ensure that audiences can get the information they [...]

Retail Holiday Marketing Ideas from 3 Landmark Campaigns

Year after year, Americans spend tens of billions of dollars on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These two days represent the most important opportunities in retail—which is why e-commerce marketers start sourcing inspiration for campaigns in the spring, summer, and early fall. In 2015, the most ambitious marketers will marry the traditional with the new: they’ll combine established campaign concepts with newer techniques like personalization and real-time marketing. If you’ve ever built a campaign like this, you know how difficult it can be to get started. How can you predict success and ensure it’s something that truly stands out? The holiday season is too big of a revenue driver for retail marketers to take lightly. We’ve rounded up a few ideas to guide you. 1. Macy’s Snapchat Stories Ads Try It Yourself: Add real-time marketing spin to a tried, true, [...]

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Simple Ways to Create Delightful, Cross-Device Experiences

It’s a crazy, multi-device world. According to one report from Facebook, 60% of online adults in the U.S. and U.K. use at least two devices each day, meaning that mobile is at the epicenter of many brands’ marketing, sales, and product strategies. This trend creates a window of opportunity for companies that are looking to reach audiences at multiple points in their buyer journeys. The challenge, however, is that mass-market tools and analytics technologies haven’t caught up—basic reports in Google Analytics only provide aggregate-level traffic data, for instance. It’s tough to dissect the steps that your audiences are taking to become customers and repeat customers. Despite this lack of transparency, one concept holds tried and true: you’re reaching human beings on the other side of the computer screen, and the best way to optimize the likelihood of them becoming customers [...]

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3 Untapped Marketing Opportunities in Retail

E-commerce is as established as the Internet itself. Amazon, for instance, turned 21 in 2015—time flies. Even with the relative maturity of e-commerce as a business model, however, there are still plenty of areas in which retailers can grow. New boutique stores are entering the market and quickly becoming dominant players. Just look at ModCloth and NastyGal as examples: both women’s clothing leaders have become loved brands and have raised tens of millions of dollars in VC funding. What companies like these teach us is that personalization, real-time marketing, and integrated brand experiences are the next big opportunity for retail brands. Here are three consumer trends that explain why. 1. The ubiquitous consumer Source: PxC A recent report from PwC’s Strategy& points out that over the last 15 years, 75% of all retail sales growth has occurred through online channels. [...]

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