How the “I’m Not a Technical Person” Excuse Shows that Personalization is a Must-Have

“I’m not a technical person” is perhaps my least favorite excuse from clients. Working in web development, and being the person who is in charge of introducing my clients to new technologies and strategies, I hear this line almost daily. However, I can not like something but still understand it. I know what people are actually saying when they tell me they are “not a technical person.” They mean: I won’t understand this. My clients are responding not to the message, but the messenger. They mean: this isn’t made for me. This format does not have me in mind. It’s for someone else. Give me something personalized, and I’ll listen. This past month I attended Evergage’s 2017 Personalization Summit, which was all about Machine Learning. During the event, I found myself thinking about the “I’m not a technical person” excuse [...]