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Sam is a Marketing Specialist at Evergage. He is passionate about marketing technology and wants to educate others about how real-time personalization drives results. Sam is the brain behind our Real-Time Tuesday blog series, writing about his experience with personalization and real examples from Evergage clients.

Personalizing Content Based on Stage in the Buyer’s Journey

As we wrote on the Evergage blog last week, the B2B buyer’s journey can be complex. Shoppers conduct their research across a multitude of touchpoints before making a decision, and a visitor to your site in the early stages of his research will likely be looking for different information than a visitor who is nearly ready to make a purchase. How can your site adapt to these different stages? What can you do to ensure that you are providing the right information to each visitor to help adequately inform each purchase? As a B2B company ourselves, we experience this same problem. Here’s an example of how we address it on our homepage. Step 1: Make the right first impression For this example, we’ll walk through the personalization we have developed in the “sub-hero” section of the Evergage homepage (the content [...]

The Value of a Second Chance

Getting a second chance doesn’t always happen. How many times have you thought to yourself, “if only I had another chance?” At Evergage, we want to make sure that we provide our readers with a second chance to check out relevant content so they don’t leave our site empty-handed. It’s a practice we advise our clients to consider implementing as well. Based on a combination of inactivity and mouse movement, Evergage is able to determine when a visitor is about to leave a website. Based on this information, in our case, we present a content offer that is relevant to each visitor using “Second Chance” messages. In the past, we showed this message to every visitor about to leave the blog: But we didn’t personalize this message to each visitor, and the message gave us a relatively modest 1.24% clickthrough [...]

An Interactive Guide to Personalized Website Messages

Evergage clients find creative ways to personalize their websites. The Evergage solution supports numerous methods of personalization. This blog post highlights three examples of personalized messages, presented in an interactive format so you can see them in action! Inline campaigns Inline messages deliver blocks of personalized content based on a visitor’s behavior or actions. Marketers often use these messages in order to insert or replace text, images or entire “divs” (sections) on their site without the visitor noticing the change. This enables marketers to easily and seamlessly create personalized experiences to each and every visitor across channels. Here is an example of inline content in the form of an inserted graphical HTML block with a call-to-action (CTA): Using Evergage Promote to determine what the reader is interested in, the system dynamically presents the most relevant content for each visitor. Click [...]

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How Engages in Real Time With Online Shoppers

Hello and welcome to another Real-Time Tuesday! Many retailers struggle to engage with potential shoppers on their website in real time. One company, turned to Evergage to help them solve this problem. is an online destination for the highest quality brands and styles from the industry masters of technologically designed, comfort footwear. Most marketers have already performed at least some level of customer segmentation for their display advertisements and email marketing campaigns. And potential buyers are responding to these communications with intent by “clicking through.” How should marketers capitalize on that intent to show relevant content and products on their e-commerce sites? And what should they show to get them engaged? One way is to do what did and display personalized content based on how a visitor arrives on the site. displays different content to visitors [...]

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Use B2B Detect to Personalize Your Website

Hello and welcome to another Real-Time Tuesday! Today we will be discussing how Evergage client Skyhigh Networks uses Evergage B2B Detect on its site to personalize the homepage experience based on a visitor’s industry. Using B2B Detect, companies are able to place the most relevant content and messages in front of their target accounts the moment they hit your site. Skyhigh Networks is a security enablement platform that helps businesses utilize cloud services without compromising security, compliance or governance. The company receives interest from companies across industries, such as financial services, government and healthcare. Since organizations in these industries have different needs, Skyhigh Networks completely changes its homepage content in real time based on the industry each visitor is coming from. Here is what the homepage looks like if the visitor is from a financial institution: Here is what the [...]

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How Enhances the Visitor Experience

Hello and welcome to another Real-Time Tuesday. Today we will be discussing how uses real-time personalization on their site to increase brand awareness and education, while also increasing revenue. is the one-stop destination for Flexible Spending Accounts. The company allows visitors to buy thousands of FSA eligible products, search for services, and to learn more about FSAs. The company wanted to better educate their visitors throughout the buying process, as well as improve conversion rates. They decided to personalize the visitor experience based on each visitor’s behavior on the site. By understanding the visitor’s interests and intent based on behavioral patterns, they were able to offer targeted content in real time to accelerate the buying process. started delivering personalized messages to their visitors who were browsing the site in order to better engage them and drive brand [...]

Let Your Content Drive More Shopping on Your Site

Today we will be discussing how Evergage client, Gardener’s Supply Company, uses real-time personalization on their site to help turn readers of their content about gardening into buyers of their gardening products. Retailers often struggle with how to turn more of their readers into buyers. They often have a difficult time relating the content on their site to the products they sell. So how are they supposed to turn visitors that are just browsing on their site into buyers? It comes down to presenting relevant content at the right time. With Evergage, Gardener’s is able to subtly promote relevant products based on the content visitors are demonstrating interested in. To do this, they use real-time behavioral analytics to monitor and track what visitors are reading on their site. Here is a type of message that Gardener’s shows their visitors who [...]

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How Endurance Increases Conversion Rates With Targeted Upselling

Endurance International Group is a 2,500-person, publicly traded provider of cloud-based platform solutions designed to help business owners succeed online. In today’s Real-Time Tuesday, you’ll see how the company uses Evergage to learn more about its customer base with progressive profiling and increases conversions with personalized messaging. With a large and diverse user base, Endurance faced challenges presenting relevant offers to its customers at the right time. Email campaigns were broad in scope and difficult to personalize. The company also wanted to capture better data about its customers and product usage in order to make its products easier to use, reduce customer service costs and effectively communicate with customers in real time, with relevant content and offers. Endurance partnered with Evergage to gather valuable insight and feedback from customers through the use of targeted surveys. Better data enables the company [...]

Test Your Demo Page to Determine What Works Best

Hello and welcome to another Real-Time Tuesday. Today we will be discussing how we tested and optimized one of the most important pages on the Evergage website, our Get a Demo page. Using Evergage’s A/B testing capability, we were able to test the existing content against two different experiences. Our “control” (the existing content) was getting a good conversion rate, but we decided to test the page to see if we could improve it. We want to ensure that we are converting as many leads on this page as possible. Here is what our the control looked like: As you can see, this page has a lot of text, with the form to the right of the text. We wanted to see if we would have a higher conversion rate if we trimmed down the text significantly. We also wanted [...]

Use Progressive CTAs to Deepen Engagement with Visitors

Hello and welcome to another Real-Time Tuesday. Today we will be discussing how you can use progressive calls-to-action (CTAs) to get visitors deeper into your site or converted to leads by dynamically presenting them with relevant content and offers. Recently Evergage rolled out multiple progressive CTA messages that are shown at the end of each blog post. Evergage currently uses four categories to segment blog visitors: Demand Generation, E-Commerce Optimization, Content Publishing and Customer Success. We made a four message sequence for each of these segments. Based on the category in which the visitor has spent the most time viewing articles that day, they will see a CTA that is relevant to that category. In order to know how much time the visitor spends viewing a blog article in a certain category, we use Evergage Promote. For example, when someone [...]

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Delivering Personalized Experiences on Mobile Devices

Hello and welcome to another Real-Time Tuesday. Today we will be discussing how real-time personalization is not just for desktop and how with Evergage, you can make personalized experiences that are also mobile friendly. According to GlobalWebIndex, 80% of adults now own a smartphone, while almost 50% have a tablet. Almost all smartphone owners are using them to access the internet – with 75% saying they’ve gone online via a mobile in the last month. The question many people have regarding personalization is, “How would personalized messages look on mobile? Won’t they look different?” As long as you are careful and test your messages, your personalized experiences will look just as good on mobile as they do on desktop. Chrome includes a mobile simulator to allow for easy testing of cross-device compatibility. It can be launched via the view menu [...]

Recommend Blogs Based On Each Visitors’ Interests

Hello, and welcome to today’s Real-Time Tuesday. Today we will be discussing a strategy for dynamically recommending blog posts based on each visitors’ interests. On the  Evergage Blog, we break visitors into four categories. Demand Generation, E-Commerce Optimization, Content Publishing, and Customer Success. We use Evergage Promote on our blog to determine what category each one of our individual blog visitors reads. Evergage Promote is able to calculate how much time a visitor spends in a category, which allows us to understand their reading interests. Blog visitors will get a slide-in message promoting other blogs that could be of interest to that reader - based on time spent in a certain category. For example, if a reader spends the most time reading Demand Generation blogs, by the time they get to the bottom of the blog, they will see this [...]

Provide In-App Tips to Enhance the Customer Experience

Hello, and welcome to today’s Real-Time Tuesday. We will be discussing a strategy on how you can easily provide tips to your customers in real time when they are engaged in your app. If a customer is logged into your app and they are not navigating correctly, or you want to make sure to remind them of a new feature or helpful tip, you should tell them right away. Evergage is able to track actions in real time, allowing customer success managers and marketers to monitor how people are using their app. We wanted to make sure that our customers at Evergage were setting a control when they made a message, so we made sure that each client would be reminded to add a control, but only when it was appropriate. Below is the message that we made to remind [...]