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Yali Levy

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Yali is Customer Success Director at Evergage, providing expertise, strategic planning and guidance to customers in the financial services, travel, telecommunication and healthcare spheres in North America and Latin America. He has a proven record of enhancing, automating and streamlining processes to drive business value for his customers. He has also introduced the team to the wonders of his homemade shakshuka, indulged Evergage with our own Nespresso machine, and is a skilled fútbol player and dedicated fan.

4 Ways to Use Personalization for Financial Services

The financial services industry is in the midst of a marketing revolution. Many financial institutions are focused on driving customers and prospects to their physical branches or to call agents, yet research shows that 43% of customers find it more convenient to engage via email, websites or mobile devices. The industry is also challenged with providing customers with a positive digital user experience. 46% of banking customers say the online and in-app offers they receive from banks aren’t relevant. 1 out 5 of say they would switch to another bank if their user experience was better targeted to their needs and preferences This dissatisfaction is contributing to overall frustration with the status quo, with 50% of millennials currently evaluating non-traditional approaches to banking. According to research from TechTarget, developing an effective personalization strategy is the best approach to improving the [...]

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