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Ideas and Strategies for Real-Time Personalization
Zach Skole

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Zach is a marketing campaign developer at Evergage, driving the development of personalized, relevant messages while updating and maintaining the Evergage website. Between debugging Wordpress pages and coding campaigns, Zach enjoys traveling, running, photography, and exploring new restaurants.

How to Use Machine Learning for Demand Generation (with Examples)

Traditionally, machine-learning personalization has been used by e-commerce sites. As a refresher, machine-learning personalization utilizes algorithms and predictive analytics to dynamically present the most relevant content or experience for each and every visitor. As a consumer, you have probably experienced this type of personalization across the internet in the form of product recommendations. But most B2B sites are newer to machine learning, particularly for enhancing their demand generation and content marketing programs. At Evergage, we’ve been adding machine-learning personalization campaigns to improve demand generation on our own site. In this post, I’ll describe a few of these campaigns to give you ideas of how you could use machine learning on your own site to increase engagement and drive more conversions. 1:1 Content Recommendations Our first implementation of machine learning focused on 1:1 content recommendations on our homepage and resources page. [...]

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