At Evergage, we firmly believe in the importance of practicing what we preach. We regularly discuss the benefits of personalization on this blog, so how would it look if we didn’t use personalization ourselves? Our marketing team uses the Evergage platform to deliver a wide variety of personalized experiences for our prospects and customers.

With considerable experience under our belts, we know that executing a personalization program has its challenges. Ideas may not come easily, and prioritizing those ideas can be tough. Tests can be inconclusive, and ideas you think are brilliant don’t always produce optimal results. But all of your winning campaigns that drive lift for the business make the investment worth it.

To address some of these topics and share learnings from a variety of campaigns, we recently hosted a webinar led by Evergage’s CMO, Andy Zimmerman, and campaign developer, Zach Skole, entitled “Evergage on A Behind-the-scenes Look at Our Personalization Campaigns.” In this webinar, Andy and Zach broke down several of our existing campaigns into three key buckets: engagement campaigns, recommendations campaigns and re-engagement campaigns. In this post, I’ll describe some of the results we’re seeing in each area (but you should definitely watch the webinar replay for all the details!).

Engagement Campaigns

With our engagement campaigns, we are focused on getting visitors to engage with the content on One of our goals, for example, is to let visitors know about our upcoming webinars without being obtrusive. To this end, we have a campaign that promotes an upcoming webinar directly on our webinars page via an inline message. Visitors viewing this page already have an interest in our webinars, so we assume that they will be more interested in upcoming webinars than the rest of our traffic. The inline message makes it look like it is an existing part of the page, so it is easily spotted but it doesn’t look like an afterthought.

personalization campaigns

This campaign typically results in a 7-10% sign-up rate for our upcoming webinars, which we consider highly successful.

Recommendations Campaigns

For this grouping of campaigns, we deliver one-to-one experiences algorithmically using machine learning (for more information about machine-learning personalization, check out our eBook, The Marketer’s Guide to Rule-Based vs. Machine-Learning Personalization). Our primary focus in this area has been in content recommendations. We have a lot of great content that appeals to different industries and different stages of the funnel, and we want to help visitors find the most relevant piece of content for them.

In the example below, we insert content recommendations directly into the navigation of our site. A customized algorithm is used to determine and display a recommended content asset for each visitor based on everything we know about the person (for more information on the algorithms driving campaigns like these on our site, check out this blog post).

personalization campaigns

With this campaign, we have seen a 21% lift in conversion rate!

Re-Engagement Campaigns

The last category refers to situations where visitors have shown prior engagement with our site. One of those campaigns is what we call an “internal retargeting” campaign. This campaign targets visitors who have viewed our Get a Demo page but did not fill out the form. Our hypothesis was that these visitors are interested in Evergage, but not yet ready to talk to a salesperson. So we show them a slide-in message on the next page they visit that encourages them to watch a lower-investment demo video instead.

personalization campaigns

We concluded that our hypothesis was correct for many visitors, as this campaign results in a 12.5% sign-up rate.

Final Thoughts

The Evergage marketing team is always testing and optimizing our personalization campaigns (read more about continuous improvement in this post). So while these three campaigns I’ve provided as examples are performing well right now, we are always evaluating them and looking for ways to improve them.

To learn more about these and many more personalization campaigns running on the Evergage site and how we approach personalization within our own organization, watch the webinar replay today.