Guest Post by Curt Raffi, Director of Marketing for MetraTech/Metanga. 

There is a power shift happening in the marketplace. We’re moving away from vendors imposing pricing upon their customers and toward customers controlling pricing and services. It’s quickly becoming a buyer’s market out there. To explain this shift and how to best take advantage of it, Jeff Kaplan of THINKstrategies, Karl Wirth of Apptegic, and Jason Mondanaro of MetraTech recently discussed how to approach the new pricing paradigm with clickstream analysis.

Today, online customers want personalized services, and they select those service based on their real-time needs. Standardized services aren’t as attractive as they once were, and buyers want purchase control.

So to better ensure customer satisfaction and create a meaningful pricing strategy, companies should integrate real-time analysis of customer behavior to drive custom in-application offers based on the users' activities and attributes.  Sound like science fiction? Not really.

With simple JavaScript your business can collect clickstream behavior, identify the most engaged customers and reach out to them with targeted upsell offers in real time. One can even add metadata addressing operating system or user location information.

Geolocation-driven offers might be a logical extension. If you can identify where your customers are, what they're doing and how they do it you can provide them with offers created specifically for them.