These days, many B2B sites operate as a media or publisher site. While they remain focused on driving conversions and generating leads, they also want to increase engagement with the rich content they are continuously creating to educate the market and demonstrate their thought leadership.

This publisher focus results in a challenge that most blog managers are familiar with: you drive traffic to a single blog post — typically from search, social, or backlinks — yet the majority of your traffic leaves before viewing an additional page on your website. You want to improve engagement on your blog by encouraging visitors to read more than just one article so you can grow your audience and make sure readers find something valuable.

Datto, Inc. is familiar with this challenge. With a wide variety of content on its site — including blog posts published regularly on a number of topics, eBooks across subjects and industries, product pages and technical information, etc. — Datto needed a way to surface relevant information for the visitors on its site and get them to read beyond their first article. The best way to do this, it reasoned, was to provide personalized recommendations to catch the attention of each person individually.

The Solution

Datto turned to Evergage to deliver content recommendations at the bottom of each of its blog posts. Driven algorithmically, the recommendations were used to promote a recent, relevant blog post that a visitor has not already read.

This campaign resulted in a 14% lift in engagement over a control for all visitors. Yet, as every person is different, not everyone reacts the same way to the same campaign. In this case, the campaign had a greater impact on the engagement of first-time visitors (those who had never visited the site before). In that segment, Datto saw a lift in engagement of 32%. And as many B2B marketers know, engaging first-time visitors and driving them further into the site is not always an easy task.

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Final Thoughts

In a world that is cluttered with content, encouraging someone to stay on your site to engage with more content can’t be achieved by showing him something generic. Algorithmic personalization can help you cut through the noise by showing him the content that is most relevant to him. While machine-learning algorithms have been leveraged most often by B2C marketers in the past, they have broad applications in B2B marketing as well. As marketers across all industries increasingly act as publishers, figuring out how to effectively leverage algorithms to deliver one-to-one content recommendations is of critical importance.

For more examples of real-time personalization in action across the B2B tech buyer’s journey, download our eBook, Driving Success with Personalization for B2B Tech Marketers. And to learn more about how Datto was able use personalization to drive its demand generation efforts, check out the full case study.