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If you have practiced the art of marketing over the past couple years, you have likely heard multiple authoritative statements thrown about regarding what “is king!” with your marketing efforts.

You have heard “Content is king!” at some point, have likely heard “Relationship building is king!” when social media engagement was the most popular subject of discussion, and by now you have probably heard “Context is king!” a few times.

Forrester defines “context” as:

“... the sum total of what your customer has told you and is experiencing at his moment of engagement.”

As marketer, if you could harness the power of “context” in your marketing efforts, your content would be providing more value and you could be building even stronger relationships. You can achieve both simply by understanding exactly who you are talking to with your marketing and what these people are most interested in.

Then, you could target your promotion and engagement efforts to the right people, with the right message, at the right time.

Yes, context truly is king! But until now, it’s been easier said than done. 

The problem is, creating contextual marketing and product experiences hasn’t been so simple for most marketers.

To date, marketers either had to convince their higher ups to allocate significant development resources to building out custom in-house solutions for the delivery of in-context communication in their web experience, or allocate big bucks to work with an IBM, Adobe, or Oracle type solution.

Another problem holding most marketers back from creating fully personalized, contextual customer experiences is that the solutions available are very specific to certain stages of the customer lifecycle and most often only consider very surface level data like geography and basic demographics with they’re targeting.

Introducing the New Evergage and Evergage Lite

We, at Evergage, believe that proactively responding to visitor and user behavior in real-time, within their web experience, is the optimal solution for providing contextual customer experiences. This is the hypothesis we set out into the market with, and why some of our customers have been seeing hundreds of percent increases in website conversion and in-product user engagement rates.

We  believe that every web business should be able to easily create contextual customer experiences throughout the entire customer lifecycle, from the first website visit, to a happy customers’ advocacy for your brand.

And last, but not least, we believe that marketers and customer success managers should be empowered to manage contextual customer engagement. That development resources should not be strained (or even necessary) in the process.

For all of these reasons, today we are officially announcing the revamp of the Evergage platform (formally Apptegic), and the public launch of Evergage Lite.

In recent months Evergage has gone through a rebranding, a redesign, and many feature releases triggered by the feedback of our awesome customers.

While we will continue to improve and execute on our mission of helping web businesses provide more relevant customer experiences, we are proud of what we have achieved as a company and product. If you have not taken a look at the Evergage platform in awhile, you should take another look now. Your visitors, users, and accounts will thank you for it, as your marketing and customer success teams start creating more relevant and engaging experiences for them.

With Evergage Lite, bloggers and early-stage startup businesses can now afford to create real-time contextual experiences for their website visitors for FREE.

Evergage Lite is not a free trial. It is a completely free product, with no risk or obligation to upgrade, that offers what many similar solutions charge significant dollars for (talking thousands of dollars a month for even a small subset of the capabilities).

(Learn more about the features of Evergage Lite and how it compares to the full Evergage product here.)

I also highly recommend you getting a quick demo of the Evergage platform to see the full power of contextualization for yourself. You could be leaving major revenue on the table due to low conversion rates and low customer retention rates. Once you see Evergage in action, it is immediately evident how it will help you obtain and keep more happy customers.