It should be no surprise to any marketer that the customer experience is critical to the success of your business. Gartner found that 89% of marketers expect to compete mostly on the basis of customer experience this year. And they should — according to Accenture, 66% of customers switch companies due to poor service.

So if you have a web-based solution, mobile app or SaaS product, you have a number of goals related to making your customer experience stand out against the competition. You are constantly striving to provide the best experience you can to each individual user or account to convert more of them from free to paid, ease onboarding for new users, increase the lifetime value of existing customers, reduce support costs, and more.

But there are a number of challenges to accomplishing this. For example:

Understanding customers

You need to fully understand the behavior of your users to identify churn risks and gauge account health. But how can you quickly and easily track all the individual behavior within your app or logged-in environment?

Identifying champions

Customer champions are often the key to retention — they use your product the most or encourage its use internally. But your day-to-day contact at each customer account might not be that person. How can you find those people to drive valuable feedback, referrals and reviews for your business?

Educating customers

Relevant education is critical to ensuring that each user is getting the most out of your solution. Yet each of your users has a different background with different learning needs. How can you personalize the education experience to showcase tips, features or trainings that are most relevant to each user?

Upselling free users or customers

When you have a free version of your product, your goal is to convert many free users to paid users. But you need to encourage an upsell when the time is right. How can you identify the best prospects for upsells and reach them at the perfect time to encourage a sale?

customer experience

Evergage helps marketers and customer success professionals provide their users with relevant, personalized experiences, updates, tips, videos, surveys and upsell messages to accomplish these goals — all in real-time — with deep behavioral tracking, segmentation, targeting, testing and analytics.

Watch this quick 2.5-minute demo video to learn how Evergage can answer all these questions for you!