At Evergage, we’re relentlessly focused on helping marketers become superheroes. By this we mean empowering individuals to achieve more than previously possible when it comes to implementing campaigns that deliver business results. In fact, there aren’t other solutions that enable a non-technical user – often in under an hour –  to build and deploy cross-channel campaigns that personalize each visitor’s digital experience.

We wouldn’t be able to offer such a powerful solution if it weren’t, in part, for our Visual Editor (VE), a key component of the Evergage platform which customers use to design and deploy their personalization campaigns. Today we’re excited to announce a number of noteworthy enhancements to the VE.

Specifically, the Visual Editor now enables marketers to more efficiently preview and edit campaigns designed for different screens sizes (e.g., desktop, tablet and smartphone). In the multi-device world we live in, it’s undoubtedly required that campaigns be responsive. Now, by clicking along the toolbar in the VE – as seen in the animated gif below – you can quickly move in and out of different versions/views/dimensions of your website to see how visitors will experiences them across different device types.

evergage visual editor

The update also improves the way users access and interact with a campaign’s source code. The source code can now be accessed from an expandable area on the bottom of the page and, within this window, users are free to make HTML, CSS and JavaScript changes. Best of all, the code changes can be immediately previewed in the campaign editor itself. There’s no need to close the window or refresh anything. With easily accessible campaign code, users can quickly and more accurately make adjustments to a campaign – across different screen sizes.

evergage visual editor

Many more VE enhancements, designed to provide even more superhero-like capabilities – are already in development. Be sure to stay tuned for more updates coming soon.

And to learn more about how Evergage can help you easily implement your personalization campaigns, request a demo today.