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We’ve written several blog articles recently on leveraging social media for customer engagement.  In those articles we often mention creating a group on LinkedIn or Facebook as a way to communicate and engage with your customers.  We thought we’d expand upon this a little today as well as provide instructions on how to create your own!

Why you should create a group

When trying to engage your customers online, groups provide a great way to communicate.  The reason is that unlike posting on someone’s wall (which isn’t possible when you have 1000’s of customers) or sharing status updates or tweeting (which are both primarily one directional), a group allows you to have a real conversation.  Your customers can ask questions you can answer; you can start thought provoking conversations; customers can talk with each other; and when done on a site like LinkedIn or Facebook, your members will be reminded of conversations when they log in, something a forum can’t compete with.

There are some other benefits:

  • They are free to set up
  • If your customers know how to use a social media site, they will know how to use a group
  • They are easy to promote – link to it on your site; post occasional blog articles promoting it; put a link your email signature
  • They are easy to monitor

How to create a group

Rather than try to write up instructions, which could change over time, just follow the links below to the site you want to create a group on.    This way you should get the most up to date info on creating groups.



Good luck!