Reminding everyone engagement is an ongoging process may seem like an obvious tip, and to a degree it is.  I don’t think anyone involved in customer success and engagement thinks you can stop communicating with customers and expect them to be engaged for long.  At the same time, in today’s world of scale and automation, I think we need to take a look at how you leverage technology and if you’ve really made engagement an ongoing process.

As a customer success employee it is exciting when youcombine emails with in-context messagingin an automated fashion.  It’s a great way to communicate with customers at scale, meaning you don’t need to hire a lot of humans to communicate with customers.  It’s an amazing cost saver.  You can also automate campaigns over months, which means you can easily manage an ongoing engagement process!

At the same time, with automation customers can fall through the cracks!  There are always edges cases where customers wont trigger messages in your product or your emails are going to a spam folder or are simply being ignored.  When that happens, if you rely on an automated process to keep customers engaged, you’ll run into problems.  Therefore, it’s critical that you have some process in place to deal with these customers.  For example, you could have a report that lets you know when someone hasn’t logged into your application for some time and they’ve already received 2 emails.  This means those emails aren’t working, so it’s time to have someone actually call them.  Therefore, it’s very important to have someone monitoring the automation and reaching out to these edge cases.

Another very important thing to consider is the feedback loop your created in your automated engagement process.  Do you know if it’s working?  What metrics are you using to measure it?  How do customers give you feedback directly and how do you respond?  In our modern world, an ongoing engagement process means you need to constantly tweak and improve your automation.  You can’t simply set it and then forget it.

So, while everyone knows engagement is an ongoing process, please make sure you don’t just rely on technology to do all the work for you, or you’re really not treating it as an ongoing process.