There are three key questions that marketers ask themselves when considering a new marketing platform or tool:

1. Will this platform bring incremental value to the business?
2. What resources are required to operationalize the program?
3. What is the business case to support the investment?

Here is the business case for Real-Time Web Marketing:

You invest significant dollars in driving traffic to your website -- thousands of visitors each day. You have redesigned and worked hard to optimize your website experience.

Now what if you could capture more email addresses or increase conversions, or keep customers and prospects on your website longer with more page views? You would add profits to the bottom line for the company.

Real-time web marketing – messaging to website visitors while they’re LIVE, engaged on your website – can help you capture more emails for future remarketing and nurturing, and drive engagement and guide visitors through the sales process for increased conversions. Evergage clients have experienced up to 1.5% response rate on real-time messages tailored to their site visitors.

See below for a sample retail ROI model:

roi capture

And a compelling B2B business case around email capture:

email capture

Every business is different. Every website is different. Marketers need to tailor the model to their own business metrics and key drivers. The math is compelling. It’s your website and web traffic. You should think about real-time web marketing for your 2014 plan – communicate and convert your website visitors, and make more money!