Do you remember when we used to:

  • Sit waiting in a café for up to an hour, wondering if our friend forgot or got stuck in traffic.
  • Stop at gas stations to ask for directions or just drive around for hours dead-reckoning the way.
  • Sit around and debate whether an account was using our product and how engaged they were.
  • Sit around and debate if a feature was important, well used, by whom, and how.

 We are using Apptegic to understand customer engagement with Apptegic.   

It is making the old way of doing things hard to remember or fathom. Here are two examples from the past week.

Customer Success

One of my goals is to help our customers become very successful in using our service to better help their own customers.  If they succeed, then we succeed. 

Last week, I had one of my regular calls with one of our customers.  Here is what I did to prepare for the call:

  • Looked at their overall engagement score: High and trending up.
  • Dug into the details of their engagement:  I noticed that their KPIs are trending up, their visit behavior is stable, and the actions they are doing with us are stable, except that they still haven’t used one key area of the product.
  • Dug into the details of their individual users:  I noticed that most users are using us regularly throughout each day, but that several have odd and occasional patterns of use.

During the call, because of the insight I had gained:

  • I trained my customer in how other customers are using the key area that they are not yet using.  They have since tried out that feature area.  
  • I also asked them the roles of the users with odd behavior patterns and learned some interesting new ways people are using our solution. 

We are able to focus this intently on a subset of our customers.  For others, we are able to provide some of the same value but in a more automated way.  

Product Usage

Likewise, last week, we were trying to figure out whether to push a new release of our service in spite of the existence of some open bugs. 

Some said Yes.  Some said No.   So, we looked in Apptegic to see who was using the affected features and how they were using them. 

For one bug, the answer was clear.  Only a small percentage of our users were using the feature in a way that would be affected by the bug.   So we pushed that bug off into the queue for the next release. 

But the other bug was more complicated.   Most people wouldn’t be affected, but a few of our larger customers were using the feature area heavily and would likely encounter it.   We decided to fix the bug.

In fixing this bug, we realized that the best way to fix it was to enhance the feature, but there were two ways to enhance the feature.  I emailed the top users of the feature to get their feedback and got some good feedback within an hour. 

It was another “Wait, how did we used to do this?” moment. 

We are making it possible to understand and serve your customers in a new, better way.  I am really enjoying using our solution and I’d like to share it with you.