Personalized experiences are the future of digital marketing. More and more, consumers and business buyers are demanding personalized experiences, and marketers are achieving success with personalization tactics. Infosys found that 59% of shoppers who had experienced personalization believed that it had a noticeable impact on their purchase decision. And according to Hybris and Forrester, 91% of marketers are prioritizing personalization, but only 16% have the ability to capture customer intent and deliver real-time, behavior-based marketing across channels.

At Evergage, we believe that marketers need to understand their audiences and respond in the moment with the most relevant content and messages via one-to-one personalization in order to provide the best experiences. To deliver this high standard of personalization, the underlying technology must meet the following seven tenets:

1. Marketer-Friendly

The ability to personalize your website and mobile app experiences has to be something that you as a marketer can accomplish yourself, without requiring help from IT. The only limit on your personalization campaigns should be your imagination, not your IT resources.

2. Intent-Driven

You need deep behavioral data to help you understand each individual's intent on your digital properties. There’s more to a visitor’s behavior than just clicks, and each action (or inaction) is a valuable clue about that individual that can be used to create the most relevant experience.

3. Real-Time

All of that behavioral data needs to be acted on in the moment. A visitor’s current and past session behavior should impact his experience now, not the next time he comes back to your site. To accomplish this, you need to be able to incorporate data as it happens in real time.

4. Individualized

Each of your visitors is unique, so they should each receive a unique experience. Personalization should be individualized, through unlimited rules-based campaigns and/or dynamic algorithms, in order to be as relevant to each visitor as possible.

5. Iterative

Your website experience should always be evolving, and running frequent A/B tests is one way that marketers continue to iterate on their experiences. However, typical A/B tests will only tell you which experience is best for all visitors to your site. At Evergage, we always recommend conducting targeted testing to assess which experiences and algorithms work best for each audience.

6. Multi-Channel

Today’s savvy consumer won’t view each interaction with your brand in isolation. Personalization can help you provide consistent customer experiences across your website, mobile app and email campaigns so that you can create a seamless experience across channels.

7. Integrated

These days, there is no end to the amount of data that marketers have at their fingertips. But oftentimes it is stored in different systems that don’t talk to each other. You should be able to leverage all the data you have available on your customers to optimize your personalization campaigns.

Seven Tenets of Personalization from the Experts

If you’re currently implementing personalization tactics on your website or app, do your efforts live up to these tenets? If you’re looking into personalization solutions, do those solutions offer you these seven tenets?

451 Research, a preeminent information technology research and advisory firm, recently featured Evergage in its Market Insight report series — highlighting many of these tenets of personalization.

According to 451 Research,

[Evergage’s] competitive differentiation [is in] the depth of data that is monitored in real time across multiple channels, and the ability for marketers to customize and tune the algorithms to meet their organization’s objectives… The product is increasingly being used as a central hub for real-time data analytics and personalization across channels.”

It’s rewarding to see technology experts acknowledge that these tenets are critical to delivering a truly personalized experience, and that we’re providing a competitive advantage to our customers!

When you’re evaluating technology solutions, it helps to have information from an unbiased expert. Download the 451 Research report Evergage Touts Intelligent Personalization to receive an impartial view into personalization technology. And be sure to download The Power of 1 whitepaper to learn more about how Evergage can help you act on rich and extensive sources of data to deliver relevant, individualized experiences across channels and in real time.