Are you headed to SiriusDecisions 2017 Summit in Las Vegas next week? I’ll be there with several Evergage colleagues, and we can’t wait!  While you’re doing some research to figure out which shows you’ll see and what restaurants to try, don’t forget to think about which Summit sessions you’ll attend. As usual, there is a great selection of speakers and content lined up for the event, so it’s a good idea to do a little planning in advance to figure out which sessions you can’t miss.

If personalization is an important topic for you (as it should be!), here are five sessions you should consider attending.  

Account-Based Marketing: What the Future Holds

As more and more organizations adopt account-based marketing (ABM), what do you need to do to get ahead of your competition? Where is the industry headed with ABM strategies? In this presentation, Nicky Briggs and Matt Senatore will discuss the changes they have seen in ABM and the implications for both marketing and sales teams.

Personalization is a key component in any ABM strategy, so make sure you consider how the future of ABM affects your personalization efforts as well. It might be helpful to review our blog post, Account-Based Marketing and Personalization: A Multi-Layered Approach, in advance of the session for some background.

Time: Wednesday May 17, 3:404:20 PM
Presenters: Nicky Briggs, Matt Senatore
Read the SiriusDecisions abstract here

Making Personas Personal: SiriusDecisions Buyer Insights 2017

Personas are at the foundation of many B2B marketers’ strategies. In this presentation, Cristina De Martini and Carrie Rediker will walk through the SiriusDecisions 2017 Buying Study to uncover how B2B buyers really behave during their research process, including their purchase decision drivers, decision triggers, and feelings around interacting with salespeople vs. self-service activity.

This session should help you think about how to use your website to connect with a buyer at different phases of the journey. And be sure to check out this blog post, Personalization Across the Buyer’s Journey

[Infographic], before the session to start your thinking about how to leverage personalization throughout the buyer’s journey.

Time: Wednesday May 17, 4:305:10 PM
Presenters: Cristina De Martini, Carrie Rediker
Read the SiriusDecisions abstract here

Leveraging Data to Power Account-Based Marketing

The ability to select the right target accounts, determine the best tactics to reach them, and reach them with your message requires great data. In this presentation, John Donlon and Matt Senatore will describe how to use data in your ABM strategy and provide some great examples of marketers leveraging data in their ABM programs.

To inspire you to look for data for ABM in unexpected places, check out this blog post of mine: 4 Account-Based Marketing Data Sources You May Not Know About.

Time: Wednesday May 18, 2:002:40 PM
Presenters: John Donlon, Matt Senatore
Read the SiriusDecisions abstract here

Next-Generation B-to-B E-Commerce

The future of e-commerce is not simply selling products. For B2B companies in particular, e-commerce represents an opportunity to qualify leads, free up salespeople to focus on larger opportunities, change the way products are developed, and more. In this presentation, Gil Canare and Jeff Lash will describe the shifts in B2B e-commerce and identify the processes and technologies that marketing, sales, and product teams need for next-generation e-commerce.

To get up to speed about the state of B2B e-commerce before the session, check out our B2B E-commerce Stats Round-Up.

Time: Thursday May 18, 2:503:30 PM
Presenters: Gil Canare, Jeff Lash
Read the SiriusDecisions abstract here

Extending Personas into the Post-Sale Customer Lifecycle

Personas don’t stop being relevant after a person becomes a customer. The information you’ve learned about each account during the sales cycle is still important during the onboarding process and for the ongoing customer relationship. In this presentation, Kristin Farwell will show you how to map the customer lifecycle to understand what happens when a buyer becomes a customer to ultimately help you increase loyalty and retention.

Personalizing the post-sale experience to each of your personas can help you ensure the success of your customers. Download our eBook, Driving Success with Personalization for B2B Tech Marketers, for examples of how to use personalization to be relevant both pre- and post-purchase.

Time: Wednesday May 18, 4:004:40 PM
Presenters: Kristin Farwell
Read the SiriusDecisions abstract here

Speak With Evergage About What You’ve Learned

In between sessions, stop by booth #719 to meet with me and some other members of the Evergage team. Talk with us about how to apply what you’ve learned in the sessions to your own personalization and ABM efforts. We look forward to meeting you!