Hello, and welcome to another Real-Time Tuesday. Today we will be discussing a strategy for dynamically promoting calls-to-action (CTAs) on your website based on each visitor’s behavior. Marketers presenting just one static call-to-action are missing out on more conversions. Once a visitor clicks a CTA, in their next visit they should be presented with a new relevant CTA.

We use this strategy on a couple of different areas on our website. These dynamic CTAs are powerful because not only are they promoting relevant resources to our visitors but it gives us a greater opportunity to drive more engagement.

At the bottom of our homepage, we have a call-to-action promoting our most popular eBook, 35 Ways to do Real-Time Website Personalization. After a visitor downloads this eBook, they will keep seeing new eBooks that are relevant to them and that they have not already downloaded.

Here is an example of a path that a visitor might see.

Touch 1:


Touch 2:


Touch 3:

This way, a visitor is never seeing the same resource for a second time if they already downloaded it, and they will only see resources that they are most likely interested in.

We have a similar message sequence set-up on our blog. When a visitor first comes to our blog, they will see a message asking if they would be interested in signing up for our newsletter. When a visitor does sign up for the newsletter, we will start promoting relevant eBooks in the same location as the newsletter signup. The visitor will only see eBooks that they have not downloaded, and they will be offered in real time. Here is an example of what a visitor sees:

3 images

After a visitor signs up for your newsletter or blog, why would you stop promoting new content to them? You have them on your site and they are clearly interested, so make sure you keep promoting relevant calls-to-action to your visitors when they are on your site, or else you risk losing them.

We hope you enjoyed this weeks Real-Time Tuesday, see you next week!