Content marketing has emerged as a critical strategy for many online businesses, as companies look to fill the consumer education gap left behind as magazines and trade publications have declined. In fact, in 2014 content marketing is expected to be a top 5 investment for Fortune 1000 companies.

As you look for the most suitable means to orchestrate a content marketing strategy for your online business, real-time web personalization should be a front-and-center consideration. If you are investing time and resources to produce content related to your products and services, real-time website personalization will enable you to monetize the return on that investment. Here’s how.

Let’s say you are a business-to-business software provider. Like many B2B companies, you produce white papers, research studies, and thought leadership articles as a means to educate the market. Why not use that content to engage potential customers in real time as they visit your site? If a visitor is shopping for a particular software solution, offer him a related white paper. Better yet, if he is perusing your white paper library, engage him to learn more about your latest product offering.

This approach can apply in any vertical – someone looking at resort options on your travel booking site can be offered a subscription to your online travel magazine, or reviews of the destination. Shoppers on your snowboarding retail site can be engaged to learn more about the sport on your blog.

It’s one thing to invest in a content marketing strategy, but real-time website personalization is the critical tool that will engage consumers and content in the commerce experience. Tell us about your content marketing strategy. How can real-time web personalization assist your strategy?