When you first land on a retailer’s website, do you typically begin by engaging with a specific product? Or when you visit a media site like ESPN or the Wall Street Journal, do you start by selecting an appealing article? In some cases, the answer is definitely yes.

More often than not, however, you begin by engaging at a higher level – such as a category, brand or author – before looking at a specific product or article. Similar to walking into a department store or opening a newspaper, people tend to gravitate to the departments (e.g., men’s shoes) or sections (e.g., sports) that are of most interest to them and then explore from there.

Approaching a site in this manner is quite common. Just pay attention to the steps you take next time you’re online. But it’s rather inconsistent with how recommendation engines have operated historically.

Where traditional recommendation engines have focused on suggesting related products or content – usually in predetermined sections of a website – Evergage has expanded the scope of what’s possible.

Since its launch, Evergage Recommend has enabled marketers to manage and deliver maximally relevant 1:1 product and content recommendations to their website, mobile app, onsite search and email campaigns. Leveraging advanced machine learning capabilities, Evergage Recommend now allows companies to also recommend brands, categories, classes and more. Furthermore, you can now use the solution to deliver entire experiences that are uniquely tailored to each and every individual. Features included with this exciting new product release are Evergage SmartNav and SmartTrends, enabling personalized site navigation and popularity badging, respectively.

These enhancements, which we announced today, can be used to completely transform the way someone navigates your website, making it more intuitive and streamlined while driving greater engagement and loyalty. From customizing the main menu to adjusting in-page navigation, Evergage Recommend is the most advanced solution available for driving true 1:1 experiences using machine learning.

1:1 experiences

With Evergage Recommend, you can promote each shopper’s preferred brands based on time spent, purchase history or overall viewing patterns. You can also highlight a shopper’s preferred category based on his or her up-to-the-moment website or mobile app behavior.

To learn more about this announcement, check out today’s press release. And to learn more about how Evergage can help you create individualized experiences across your website, request a demo today.