Perceptive Amazon shoppers may have noticed a new link – Shopping History – on Amazon’s homepage. Released late last year, the feature allows shoppers to quickly access a list of products they viewed while perusing the site. It's a great way to drive engagement.

An e-commerce pioneer, Amazon is at the forefront of driving customer experiences and Shopping History is another example of why the company is considered the industry bellwether. At Evergage, we think Shopping History is a great idea too – so much so that early last year (before Amazon, I might add) ), we released SmartHistory, a similar but unique solution for Evergage customers. When it comes to enhancing online shipping experiences, I guess great companies think alike!


My Amazon Shopping History reminds me that I need to prepare for winter.

Offer Amazon-like Shopping History on Your Site

Evergage’s SmartHistory can be added to your site as a web page, as part of your navigation menu or, like Amazon, as an expandable window. The solution is also completely customizable to meet your company’s branding requirements, and, best of all, no product catalog integration is required.

Like Amazon’s Shopping History, SmartHistory displays each shopper’s recently viewed or purchased items. This enables customers to quickly access and return to products of interest, both in their current session or when they return. Shoppers don’t have to bookmark or favorite anything; items are automatically added to their SmartHistory.

Prioritize Products Based On Intent

Unlike Amazon Shopping History, however, Evergage’s SmartHistory capability, as the name implies, leverages deep behavior tracking to prioritize products based on a shopper’s overall intent. SmartHistory not only displays the products you’ve viewed but also prioritizes them according to those you were most engaged with, and therefore most likely interested in.



Evergage SmartHistory ranks products based on overall engagement.


To date, Evergage customers have seen great success with SmartHistory. Lifts of 10% or more against control are not uncommon...not bad for a relatively simple-to-add, low-risk solution!

If you're interested in learning more, drop us a line. We’d be happy to show you how quick and easy it is to offer an e-commerce experience similar to (and even better than) Amazon’s new Shopping History.