Hello, and welcome to Real-Time Tuesday. 2014 is already in the books, and 2015 holds a lot of promise for real-time personalization. Let’s take a moment to reflect on this year and review our top 10 blog posts!

1. How to tackle the 3 Biggest Reasons for Shopping Cart Abandonment

You may think that shopping cart abandonment happens because customers click ‘add to cart’ before making a complete decision. According to data compiled by Statistica, ‘indecision’ is reason #5 for abandonment. The top three reasons for shopping cart abandonment are as follows.

2. 19 Real-Time Examples For Content Websites

In order to have a successful content website, marketers must deliver relevant content at the right time to keep visitors engaged - and keep them coming back. Generic and static websites are a thing of the past and updating your site with new content isn’t enough.

3. Conversion Rate Optimization Is Not A/B Testing

After the rise of A/B split testing, more buzzwords became prevalent in the community. One in particular is CRO. CRO is an umbrella term for all the tools and methodologies marketers use to optimize their sites and campaigns. Pretty much every marketing tactic can fire under the CRO umbrella including personalization, web data analysis, eye tracking studies, user surveys, and even A/B split testing.

4. 7 Stats that Reveal Why Personalization is the Future of Content Marketing

Simply producing great content won’t be enough to forge a 1:1 relationship with our customers. We need to create a 1:1 connection, and that’s where personalization comes in. Here are 7 stats that reveal why.

5. 5 Demand Generation Best Practices for Ebooks and Guides

According to the Content Marketing Institute report, only 42 percent of B2B marketers believe that their content programs are effective. That’s a problem — but it’s one that marketers can resolve by following 5 simple steps.

6. Employing Real-Time Marketing at the Intersection of Content and Ecommerce

Content marketing has emerged as a critical strategy for many online businesses, as companies look to fill the consumer education gap left behind as magazines and trade publications have declined. In fact, in 2014 content marketing is expected to be a top 5 investment for Fortune 1000 companies.

7. 4 Ways to Increase Newsletter Subscriptions

There are many ways you can ask your website visitors to sign up, but the best time to do so is while your visitor is engaged and interested. Asking visitors at the right place and time will increase your newsletter subscriptions. Here are four ways to do it.

8. How to Build Website Personalization Into Your Lead Gen Strategy

Your lead generation strategy needs more than an ebook, downloadable infographic, or whitepaper. You need to personalize experiences for every single person who visits your website so that you are showing them the right message at exactly the right time in their buying journeys.

9. A 6-Step Crash Course to Customer Segmentation

Without a systematic process for user research and continuous analysis, you are likely throwing darts in the dark. While you’ll unlikely learn about every customer on a 1:1 level, you will start to uncover key trends and patterns that organize your data into key segments. These segments will help you deliver more customized, personalized, and tailored marketing messages.

10. 7 Strategies to Reduce SaaS Churn

With the cost of customer acquisition on the rise, many companies are looking to reduce their SaaS churn.  Here are 7 strategies for keeping your current customers, making them successful, and reducing your churn rate.

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