Several months ago, we announced an ambitious and groundbreaking new capability of our real-time personalization platform called Evergage Guardian.

Guardian harnesses the power of machine learning to help marketers and other business users sort through mountains of analytics data and determine which metrics need to be prioritized.

We’d like to invite our customers to check out the new version of the solution – available at no additional cost.

Key Features & Benefits

Without any additional setup or configuration, Guardian automatically monitors thousands of important metrics related to your unique business. For example, for every personalization campaign, global goal or audience, Guardian creates a “topic.” Each topic, in turn, includes a series of relevant metrics (e.g., visit count, duration, etc.).

machine learning analytics

For each metric – which could be thousands per company – Guardian analyzes the data to determine its unique “predicted pattern.” When actual data – traffic, campaign, goals, etc. – falls above or below a predicted pattern and is determined to be of particular importance to your business, Guardian creates a “signal” and notifies relevant end users within the platform and, optionally, via email notification.

There is nothing extensive that needs to be set up for Evergage customers to start using Guardian. Once activated, analysis occurs automagically and is customized according to the unique ebbs and flows of each company’s business.

Looking Forward

Over the coming months and years, customers can expect to see Guardian continue to advance until it reaches its enormous potential.

If you’re interested in starting to use Guardian, we encourage you to reach out to your customer success representative for some help getting started with this exciting, powerful and unique capability.