We are pleased to announce that the Evergage Platform includes multivariate testing (MVT) capabilities.

Expanding upon Evergage’s existing A/B testing capabilities, the new MVT functionality allows customers to simultaneously test multiple sections of a website or web app -- including inline edits, graphic and font changes, messages and more -- to determine the best combination of section changes to achieve a desired outcome.


Customers can also deploy multivariate tests to specific visitor or user segments. For example, marketers can target a broad segment like first time users or a much more narrow segment (e.g. people who have shown a strong interest in a particular product and who have visited the site three times in the past week). Ultimately, restricting multivariate tests to specific audiences enables marketers to optimize every facet of their personalization initiatives.

Available at no extra charge, MVT is seamlessly integrated into the Evergage Platform and can be deployed within a matter of minutes. For more information, check out the press release. And let us know what you think!