We’re pleased to announce that customers using the Evergage Platform can now integrate our solution with their Google Analytics account!

Prior to this integration, when personalizing individual customer experiences, information was often lost or distorted when viewed in Google Analytics. But now, marketers who utilize Evergage for real-time personalization and Google Analytics for site reporting can ensure all customer and campaign experience details are passed to the analytics tool.

Evergage provides marketers with additional analytics capabilities, and flexible options for sending actions, fields, segments, and campaign message views and clicks to Google Analytics. This includes impressions, click-throughs and dismissals on personalized messages delivered to particular segments and individuals.

The integration works in three important ways to tightly sync and improve marketers’ web traffic analysis:

  1. Inform Google Analytics about visitors' interactions with Evergage campaigns
  2. Share Evergage actions and fields with Google Analytics
  3. Transfer pre-defined segments to Google Analytics

For more information, read today’s press release or contact your Customer Success team representative.