As we start to wind down 2016 and transition into 2017, we’re thinking a lot about innovation. It’s one of our core values at Evergage and a major element of our culture. We look to continuously advance what’s possible in the world of personalization and customer experience, and we strive to tackle challenges in innovative ways every day.

Of course, many companies claim to care about innovation. So how are we different? At Evergage, it’s not just lip service. This becomes particularly evident when those outside the company acknowledge our innovations. With that in mind, I am proud to share that Evergage — for the second year in a row — has been named a winner in the Best in Biz Awards, the only independent business awards program judged by members of the press and industry analysts. Specifically, our Evergage Recommend solution was named a silver winner in the “Best New Product of the Year: Enterprise” category!

Our original vision was to enable companies to deliver highly targeted, maximally relevant product and content recommendations – at the individual level – and empower the marketers in these companies to configure, adapt and test the algorithms driving such recommendations. With this in mind, we built and launched Evergage Recommend, which combines in-depth behavioral data with attribute data to understand each customer’s true interests and intent, and then uses that data to deliver spot-on recommendations anywhere on a website or in-app, driving engagement and action. Now in use by dozens of organizations globally, the solution is helping marketers fulfill the promise of true 1:1 personalized experiences and recommendations.

We’re excited to win the Best in Biz award, validating our commitment to innovation. It’s the theme that has underscored our multiple award wins this year. For example, the innovative spirit of our very own CTO, Greg Hinkle, was recognized when he was named CTO of the Year in the MassTLC Leadership Awards. We brought home the gold in the Golden Bridge Awards and the Stevie® American Business Awards for the second year in a row in both contests for “Best New Product.” Evergage was also named the “Best Innovation in Shopping and E-Commerce” in the MITX Awards, and just a few weeks ago, Evergage was named to the EContent 100, recognizing our innovation in the digital content arena.

Charlie Osbourne, a ZDNet contributor and one of the Best in Biz Awards’ judges this year, said it well:

“If companies are going to stand out from the crowd and remain competitive in future years, innovation is key. The market is tough and there is no guarantee that today’s dominant players will remain so — unless time and effort are concentrated on research and development. This year’s entries in Best in Biz Awards highlighted not only innovative business practices but the emergence of next-generation technologies which will keep companies current and relevant.”

It’s truly gratifying to our entire organization to earn this accolade. But this is still just the beginning — we have a lot more exciting innovations and announcements planned for 2017. Stay tuned!