If you attended The Personalization Summit last month, you heard us announce Evergage Gears™, a new framework that empowers customers and partners to create and use apps, plug-ins, extensions, connectors and more for the Evergage platform.

Evergage Gears enables Evergage customers to quickly and easily integrate Evergage with other systems or add functionality that extends the platform’s core capabilities. In this post, I’d like to provide a little more background on Evergage Gears.

For years, we have worked tirelessly to build Evergage into the industry’s premier personalization and customer data platform. We are proud to say that our customer base and partnerships now include many of the world’s most recognizable brands. With this growth and adoption has come increased reliance on Evergage as a critical enterprise platform.

We know that Evergage customers and partners are looking to drive maximum value from the platform by using or extending it in new and exciting ways. And their needs and demands continue to grow. This has prompted us, as a strategic enterprise solution provider, to take the next big step in the evolution of our platform architecture to more efficiently support these needs and empower outside developers to rapidly innovate now and well into the future.

Fortunately, the technology industry is full of examples of companies that have reached a similar stage in their evolution. From Salesforce to Cloudera, many enterprise software companies have reached this point in their growth and have opened up their platforms in similar ways.

Evergage Gears builds upon all the power of the Evergage platform – including individual and account-level profiles, deep behavioral data, contextual understanding of customers’ businesses, real-time decisioning and delivery, and machine learning-driven insights and personalization delivered natively across web, email and mobile, and through integrations into adtech, social, call centers, and in-branch/in-store – and provides customers and partners with the ability to leverage and extend the platform.

As part of Gears, customers and partners will be able to leverage:

  • Connectors (also known as Evergage Integrations) to integrate the Evergage platform with first and third-party data sources and complementary systems.
  • Extensions, including widgets and plug-ins, that add specific functionality to a company’s website, mobile app or email campaigns. Evergage SmartHistory, SmartSearch and our “store finder” widget are examples of some of the extensions in use today.
  • Campaign templates, or pre-built snippets of code, that can be customized and then deployed into personalization campaigns. Infobars, slide-ins, pop-ups and product recommendation carousels are commonly used campaign templates.
  • Custom reports enable you to code your own logic (or re-use others’ custom logic) in order to view and interpret data in Evergage in unique ways for business intelligence and optimization purposes.

Final Thoughts

Evergage already provides a powerful personalization and customer data platform. Gears takes it a (big) step further, enabling customers to derive even more value from the same platform with connectors, extensions, templates and reports. It is currently in beta with a number of select Evergage customers. However, it will be available to all customers and partners over the coming months where they – in addition to Evergage – will have an opportunity to pull from and make contributions to the Gears library.

Learn more about Gears and the Evergage platform by speaking with your Customer Success Manager, or schedule a call with one of our personalization and CDP experts.