Today we’re announcing that we’ve closed our Series B venture capital funding. This investment will help accelerate our growth and validates our vision for making Evergage the standard platform for personalized digital experiences.

In the announcement I talk about how Evergage is poised to become the preeminent platform for digital customer engagement just as Salesforce has become the preeminent platform for in-person customer engagement. Let me go into more detail on what I mean by that.

For many companies, Salesforce is the central hub for in-person interactions with a customer, collecting data entered by sales, support, customer success, marketing and finance teams and combining all of this important information with inputs from other enterprise systems – data warehouses, call center platforms, marketing automation, ERP systems – to provide a multi-dimensional view of the customer relationship. These same team members then leverage the data in Salesforce to decide how to then interact with the prospect or customer.

Meanwhile, the Evergage platform is the central point for personalized digital interactions with prospects and customers, combining the deep behavioral data that Evergage tracks on websites, e-commerce sites, customer support sites, web applications and mobile apps with enterprise data sources like the CRM, data warehouses and email marketing systems. Evergage processes this data in real time, applies rules and algorithms, and then provides “in the moment” highly relevant, personalized 1:1 experiences back into the same digital channels.

We believe every digital customer interaction should be personalized...and done by a marketer, without IT, leveraging all of the deepest data available. Evergage is the pre-eminent real-time personalization platform because of its depth, speed, ease-of-use, true 1:1 personalization, and out-of-the box integration with the rest of your world.

With our new funding we’ll continue to build out this vision for the Evergage platform, develop new and deeper integrations with other complementary technologies, and ensure the solution remains easy to use for today’s marketers. To make this happen and to continue “spreading the word,” Evergage is looking for additional engineering, customer success, sales and marketing talent. Be sure to check out our careers page!

This is an exciting milestone, made possible by the incredible support of our customers, partners and employees. It’s an awesome way to start 2016!