Gardener’s Supply Company provides millions of gardeners nationwide with supplies, outdoor equipment, and apparel through their catalogs, website and retail stores.

Gardener’s Supply saw a high-volume of traffic to from social sites, but visits driven by Pinterest had a very low conversion rate. The company wanted to find a way to acknowledge, capture, and convert this segment of Pinterest visitors – most of whom were new to the Gardener’s Supply brand.

Gardener’s Supply tapped Evergage to help them start capitalizing on their Pinterest traffic in a big way by launching a welcome message based on where the visitor came from. The company launched a welcome message popover on their website targeted at Pinterest visitors that included a discount and email address capture to help increase engagement and drive conversions.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 3.15.36 PM

By launching this targeted popup tailored specifically for the Pinterest audience, Gardener’s Supply saw a 3x increase in conversions from the Pinterest social channel. Additionally, the popup was used to gather permissible email addresses so that Gardener’s Supply could effectively remarket to Pinterest shoppers in the future. The company plans to implement more real-time personalized messages on their website based on various data rules including referring site, search terms, geographic location, visit and visit frequency, to drive even greater results.

"Evergage has proven to be an agile, effective and affordable solution for onsite segmentation and messaging," said Max Harris, VP of e-Commerce at Gardener's Supply Company.

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