When someone considers opening a bank account with a financial institution, there are a number of things they’ll typically evaluate – branch and ATM locations, interest rates and account fees, just to name a few. Knowing this, financial services companies would be wise to  utilize their digital properties to surface information that addresses common questions and creates a relevant user experience.

In a recent article, The Financial Brand highlights the importance of accessing data to create a well-rounded personalized experience. Consumers are craving individualized experiences that add value to their online browsing. However, one of the primary challenges facing big banks and financial institutions today is how to create a customer experience that is personal and one-to-one.

The Situation

A top-tier consumer financial services company understood this need and embarked on a program to better segment its digital audiences and engage them with targeted, relevant offers “in the moment.” To do this, the company turned to Evergage’s real-time personalization platform.

The company has millions of customer accounts with history dating back decades and is a leading provider of private label credit cards in the U.S. With such a large number of account holders and retail partners across the U.S., it’s no surprise that a big challenge was how to direct the right messages and offers from a geographically diverse set of retailers to individual account holders.

“We knew we were missing an opportunity to market to our customers more effectively on our website, but we didn’t have any way to recognize and respond to visitors with relevant offers based on their location,” said the head of digital marketing.

The Evergage Solution

Using Evergage’s geolocation and segmentation capabilities the company was able to build and launch a single campaign – comprised of multiple personalized experiences – to deliver targeted offers to visitors using the available space on the homepage, tripling the click-through volume! As a result, web visitors from California, Texas and New York saw different experiences.



Examples of targeted offers.

By partnering with Evergage, the financial services company has been able to completely rethink its approach to presenting promotional offers on its homepage and drive significantly better engagement and results for its partners.

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