I am proud to announce that we recently launched Evergage eCampus, our new online learning portal! The portal is for Evergage customers and partners (login request) seeking to develop the skills to be successful with personalization and Evergage.

With eCampus, you can take courses, complete quick checks, and practice what you’ve learned in labs. You complete courses at your own pace and when it’s convenient for you. Plus, you can go back and review courses already completed as many times as you want, so you never have to worry about missing something important.

So far, we’ve published our first online learning program for Evergage eCampus: On-boarding Level 100. Comprised of 12 individual courses, this is the first part of a three-part learning series that will help you become proficient with Evergage’s real-time personalization platform.

Evergage eCampus

These on-demand courses, quizzes, and labs will be augmented by live meetings with Customer Success team members, where they will put the training in the context of your specific situation and goals. In the learning space, this is called “blended learning,” because it blends the on-demand coursework you do on your own with live interactions with an expert who can answer questions, give you a different take on the material, and help you connect the dots to your own personalization strategy. When learning has personal meaning, you tend to remember what you’ve learned and, most importantly, can apply it to your own situation. We’re very excited to provide this learning experience to help you see the impact of their personalization initiatives quickly.

Using Evergage for Evergage eCampus

Creating this program involved more than just a lot of planning, organization, and writing. We also needed to find a place to put it all! We implemented a learning management system, or LMS, to manage learning enrollments, certifications, quizzes, and other learning-related tasks.

Once we got up and running with our LMS, the first thing we did was put the Evergage JavaScript beacon into the web-based LMS solution. Evergage gives us detailed information on who is coming into eCampus and how they are using it. It also makes it possible to create Evergage campaigns and deliver personalized experiences and messages for our students right within the eCampus.

The first personalization campaign we created on Evergage eCampus was a guided tour that appears in a modal for first-time visitors. The short video tour gives an overview of the features of our eCampus, but once you dismiss it you won’t see it again because it is designed to be shown only to first timers. But how many times have you seen a popup on a site and closed it because you are just trying to get to what you want to see, then tried in vain to find that information again? It happens all the time, so we wanted to make sure people could get back to the tour again as needed.

So the second campaign we created includes a button for the tour in a blank area on the main page of eCampus. We made it look and behave exactly like the other buttons in the eCampus so you cannot tell that it wasn’t always there. We wanted it to always show up (just in case users want to watch it a second or third time!). There aren’t any personalization rules associated with it, but we could have opted to include a rule to only show the button to people who had never watched the video before.

Evergage eCampus

Looking Ahead

We have many ideas for our eCampus and will continue to build out learning programs to help you succeed with real-time personalization. The next set of courses will be for those who have been using Evergage for a little while and are ready to take personalization to the next level. If you are interested in learning more about, well, learning at Evergage, please drop us a line at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing your thoughts!