Who says personalization and prospect engagement can’t be fun and lighthearted parts of your brand? One of our customers, the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), is a non-profit organization promoting international education and exchange. In addition to running many regular Evergage campaigns on their site, they are also running a specific promotion just for April Fools’ Day. I sat down with Sabrina Reda, Senior Web Producer at CIEE, to learn more about this interesting campaign.

To start, can you describe your fun April Fools’ Day campaign?

Our campaign for April Fools’ Day is centered around a new program announcement called “Study Abroad on Mars.” This is obviously not a real program, but the page looks identical to one of our actual study abroad program pages. It has genuine content about what it would be like to study on Mars!engaging prospects

We are announcing the new program via social media, online advertising, and email. We’re hoping people will do a double take and visit the program page. If someone clicks to apply, they will receive a special offer to enter to win a $500 grant towards a study abroad program “back on Earth.”

engaging prospects
What’s the value of personalization in this campaign?

Personalization allows us to ensure we are sharing our April Fools’ Day promo with the right people within the appropriate sections of our website.

The content on the program page also changes depending on how people interact with the page. Once someone completes the contest form, they will then also receive a thank you pop-up, and new on-page experiences including recommendations for programs on Earth they might enjoy (delivered via Evergage’s machine-learning algorithms).

engaging prospects

Where did the idea for this campaign come from?   

The idea started as a joke last year a week or so before last April 1. We didn’t have enough time to actually execute on a campaign, therefore we tucked it away.

How did you integrate across teams or functions to get this campaign live?

We work across various teams including marketing and web to plan, produce, and deploy personalization campaigns. It is crucial for us to always start with a goal in mind, and then work towards developing objectives, tactics and measurable KPIs from which we can determine success.

Planning is always a collaborative effort between business line marketing and the production team lead. However, execution rolls out across several teams in structured fashion ensuring audiences are segmented, marketing channels are attributed accurately, web experiences and content render properly and organic or paid marketing have been deployed.

How are you measuring success and what outcomes do you expect for this campaign?

We’re measuring success in several areas including identifying traffic sources, page views, lead acquisition, and engagement metrics on our web experiences. Ultimately, we are looking to have some fun with the idea of study abroad by taking our program to Mars! We offer many opportunities for students, teachers and young professionals to exchange ideas and experiences around the world, why not take that to the next level?

Final Thoughts

Thanks to Sabrina and the CIEE team for sharing a behind-the-scenes look at a fun marketing and personalization campaign in action! We always love hearing about the creative ways marketers are engaging their audiences in creative ways. I hope it inspires others to do something fun with their next personalization campaign!