Let’s be honest: we’re all busy. As a business professional, when you’re researching a new product or service, you want the best solution for your organization — but you don’t want to waste time looking for it. You have lots to do and can’t dedicate hours and hours to sifting through website content to find answers to all of your questions.

Unfortunately, however, that is what you have to do most of time.

The websites of B2B companies are typically complex. Most have spent years adding pages to their sites, building up their content libraries and developing their blogs. Many of their products or services are technical in nature, so they fill their websites with product and feature descriptions, case studies, data sheets, videos and other collateral to help educate their prospects. And then, of course, they target different audiences — by industry, company size, geography, solution need, buying stage, etc. — with different messaging. With all of this going on, it’s tough for B2B marketers to optimize their websites to promote the best content and share the right message for different buyers.

As a large technology provider used by over 400,000 organizations, Citrix is certainly familiar with this challenge.

The Challenge

With its wide variety of B2B products targeted to a diverse customer base, Citrix recognized an opportunity to evolve its demand generation strategy to better engage, advise and direct online visitors to the most relevant content on its site. It wanted a technology solution that could identify the intent and funnel stage of its visitors and use the insights gained to affect their experience. After using multiple tools for A/B testing and personalization, the company realized it needed a holistic view of each buyer and one single platform to track, store and act on behavioral data across channels.

The Solution

Citrix turned to Evergage as the platform to give them the insights needed to understand each site visitor’s interests, preferences, and unique connectivity, collaboration and cloud services needs. With this information, Citrix could then use Evergage to present in-the-moment, personalized experiences and content to help each person select the right Citrix solutions.

For example, Citrix is able to recognize when a site visitor is an existing customer that uses one of their on-premise solutions. These visitors are presented with specific messaging about the value of switching to a cloud-based solution. This type of targeting ensures only those who will benefit from a particular message or promotion will see it. In the image below, Citrix presents an appropriate whitepaper based on everything it knows about what the visitor is looking for.

Citrix uses Evergage

Citrix also relies on Evergage’s testing and data for its personalization campaigns. In the past, Citrix had to make broad assumptions about what would work in its marketing efforts — and then spend a lot of time implementing code and analyzing data from multiple sources to figure out if those assumptions were right. With Evergage, Citrix is able to use statistical analytics from a single platform to quickly understand if a marketing campaign was successful.

Final Thoughts

Don’t think of your website as a static asset that needs to say everything to everyone. Times have changed, and the way your website works should too. Think of it as a salesperson who can modify her sales pitch for each prospect. She can describe the benefits of your solution differently depending on who she’s talking to. She can direct each person to relevant resources like case studies or blog posts that address each prospect’s specific pain points. She doesn’t simply say the same thing to everyone.

So whether your website tailors the homepage experience to different industries, delivers individualized content recommendations, presents geo-targeted event promotions — or all of those use cases and then some — personalization is the best way to help your prospects understand how your solutions can meet their needs.

To learn more about how Citrix uses Evergage, check out this case study. To learn more about how Evergage can help you improve your demand generation efforts, request a demo today.