Hello and welcome to another Real-Time Tuesday. Today we will be discussing how FSAstore.com uses real-time personalization on their site to increase brand awareness and education, while also increasing revenue.

FSAstore.com is the one-stop destination for Flexible Spending Accounts. The company allows visitors to buy thousands of FSA eligible products, search for services, and to learn more about FSAs.

The company wanted to better educate their visitors throughout the buying process, as well as improve conversion rates. They decided to personalize the visitor experience based on each visitor’s behavior on the site. By understanding the visitor’s interests and intent based on behavioral patterns, they were able to offer targeted content in real time to accelerate the buying process.

FSAstore.com started delivering personalized messages to their visitors who were browsing the site in order to better engage them and drive brand awareness. For those visitors who saw personalized messages, the company noticed improved site engagement and higher conversion rates.

FSAStore.com also uses Evergage SmartHistory on the site to display a window showing each visitor’s previously viewed products, sorted by interest level, which is determined by tracking the visitor’s active time spent viewing various products. This has made the buying process simpler and more efficient for their customers, while also increasing the chances of the visitor buying a product they’ve already researched.

FSA Smart History

Using these strategies on their site, FSAStore.com has seen profitable results and improved site engagement. Personalized messaging has helped generate greater brand awareness and a measurable lift in revenue. SmartHistory has also helped increase  the company’s average order value. To learn more about the results of FSAstore.com’s personalization program, take a look at their case study.

We hope you enjoyed Real-Time Tuesday, see you next week!