According to IBM, “Everyday, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data–so much that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone.”. The term big data is clearly an understatement that envelops all of the information gathering and processing on a macro scale. With so much coming in, a common thread is the need for actionable insights based on the inputs. For a business with an online presence, marketing and user behavior analytics are two stockpiles of information that drive a need for action.

The data can collate itself autonomously with the help of a program, but the real magic is the human element that decides what to do in light of the reports. Without data optimization, money is left on the table through lost conversions and poor retention. Big data without insights and action becomes solely numbers on a spreadsheet. Larger companies like Amazon are leading the charge by utilizing big data and the use cases are endless- they include process improvements, websites designs, conversion marketing, customer retention and so on.  

Common marketing metrics such as website traffic, sources and conversions do a wonderful job of working to tell a story after the fact, but they don’t work for you. Similarly, user behavior metrics are good to see where the problems and opportunities are on a holistic scale, but they don’t help the individual user in the moment of truth. The problem is compounded by the fact that individual action from the business side requires time-consuming monitoring and responding- something that can be prohibitive to scale.

So how can big data and “big judgment” come together for an online business?

Some reporting tools such as Google Analytics are great for seeing what kind of content (blogs, videos and social) is appealing to website visitors. Insights can then be draw to focus on those areas and drive more inbound traffic and shares over time. Alongside well-designed calls-to-action, the increased traffic will lead to increased conversions and sales. This however, is a long-term strategy that will grow to pay dividends.

A great tool for more immediate results is one we designed and use here at Apptegic called Smart Messages. Our software takes all of the user behavior and data and creates prompts based on metrics that you control. One your website or application, when there is an opportunity to close a sale, upsell a customer or capture a lead, Apptegic’s Smart Messages will display on their own and encourage the desired action- It takes the guesswork and labor out of big data. The longer the software runs, the more data it has to go on and it can be further optimized based on what’s working. That’s why we use it ourselves.

By combining Smart Messaging with your current marketing plan, you’ll find greater success in converting website traffic to happy customers. It’s a powerful tool to have in your marketing arsenal. See what companies such as Dyn, Acquia and TribeHR  have had to say about Apptegic on our customers’ page. Then join our weekly demo webinar at the link below to see Apptegic in action from the website to the back end.

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