Your success depends not only on attracting visitors, but also on convincing them to take a series of actions throughout their relationship with you and your company.

Mindflash is a leading online platform for employee and customer training, with over a 1,000 customers. Here are some useful tips from Randhir Vieira, VP of Product and Marketing at Mindflash, that help increase conversions and engagement at every stage of the customer lifecycle.


50% of our website traffic comes from our blog. Initially we had a high bounce rate and low conversion to trial, but had a high conversion from trial to customer. Our goal was to increase engagement and increase our conversions to trial. With Evergage, we implemented a message to acquire blog subscribers and permissible email addresses for future interactions. 

This helped us obtain our goal and we saw 2x the number of blog signups and built a strong relationship that we can nurture through future blog posts and emails.


We offer a free trial to new customers – and we have thousands of trials every month. We were only seeing 25-30% of free trial users creating an online course and those who created a course, were 5x more likely to convert to a paying customer. 

By creating real-time messages in our online application, we were able to target active users and urge them to create a course. We saw great results here, with 25% more users creating courses.

New Features

We periodically make changes and updates to our platform to make it better for our users. This means that existing users will have to learn a new functionality and we want to make this as easy for them as possible. While emails were getting lost in the inbox, using Evergage, we were able to connect with users while they were engaged – in the right place. This streamlined the release of new features and updates and we received great feedback from our customers. 

In addition to new feature messaging, we were able to target users who were not using some of the functionality in our platform that would make their lives easier! The ‘Did You Know?’ and ‘Hint’ buttons have given our customers a better experience by showing relevant features as the user may need them.

Overall, Evergage has enabled us to build a strong relationship with our users. We now have the ability to push relevant messages to targeted groups and personalize the products as users matured in their usage.

In case you missed you missed the Mindflash + Evergage webinar, you can view it on-demand here