Like many marketers, you may be inclined to only think of real-time web applications as a business-to-consumer or e-commerce solution. However, real-time web applications are delivering significant results for business-to-business companies, particularly for those looking to increase retention among software-as-a-service clients. Just ask Millard Brown Digital.

Through its Compete PRO application, Millard Brown provides clients with actionable digital consumer intelligence, which clients use to improve online and offline marketing effectiveness. Compete PRO includes online measurement tools and deep consumer and competitive insights in a wide range of industries, all designed to help boost website and advertising performance. Compete used a message to advertise their upcoming webinar.

tour of compete


In order for a solution like Compete PRO to be successful and retained long term by clients, it was critical for clients to know where they should be spending their time to generate the highest ROI. That’s not easy to do without the ability to engage in real time when clients are using the application. “Testing solutions like KISSmetrics only provided analytics,” said Brian Tino, manager of business development and client relations for Compete PRO. “We had no organization of user segments or channels of communication with the users.”

We’re pleased to say that implementing Evergage’s real-time web personalization has bridged this gap for Tino’s team, offering new insight into the user base and a real-time automated communication channel for account engagement. “Evergage is now our most effective communication channel,” said Tino. “It’s helped us lift client retention 26% year over year, and has been the most critical tool for my team.” In the example below, Compete was able to know that it was a visitors first time to the sight, so they were able to point the visitor in the right direction by offering a video that explains Compete PRO's features.

first time compete


It’s a great story: Evergage enabled Compete PRO to automate customer success efforts by creating customer segmentation based on account level status and product usage. Read the full case study to learn more. Then ask: how can real-time marketing impact our retention efforts?