Hello and welcome to another Real-Time Tuesday! Many retailers struggle to engage with potential shoppers on their website in real time. One company, Shoeline.com turned to Evergage to help them solve this problem. Shoeline.com is an online destination for the highest quality brands and styles from the industry masters of technologically designed, comfort footwear.

Most marketers have already performed at least some level of customer segmentation for their display advertisements and email marketing campaigns. And potential buyers are responding to these communications with intent by “clicking through.” How should marketers capitalize on that intent to show relevant content and products on their e-commerce sites? And what should they show to get them engaged? One way is to do what Shoeline.com did and display personalized content based on how a visitor arrives on the site.

Shoeline.com displays different content to visitors depending on their source - such as an email campaign, PPC ad or social media. The company is able to deliver personalized experiences that highlight relevant brands or products of interest. The company also provides incentives based on the original campaign source. This can prompt visitors to become buyers sooner. Here is an example of a Shoeline.com message:

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 2.16.35 PM

In this example, Shoeline.com presents a special offer in a light-box message to shoppers based on where they came from. This message recognizes visitors from Google search, includes the product searched for and provides an incentive. This creates urgency for visitors to convert right away.

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