Are your clients so happy they would refer you to others? When technology company Apperian decided to take a deeper look at their customer base in an effort to improve the user experience, they turned to customer satisfaction measurement mainstay, Net Promoter Score (NPS).  Using Evergage, Apperian was able to easily and effectively survey their logged-in users while they were engaged in their platform, generating a high response rate and direct feedback in real time.

Apperian is a leading enterprise-class mobile application management and security platform for the delivery of critical apps to 100% of users across an organization. The company has helped IT and line of business professionals secure and deliver more than 1.7 million enterprise apps to a wide variety of organizations. With so many clients utilizing the Apperian services in a number of ways, the challenge became truly understanding how their consumers were engaging with their product.

“We want to understand how administrators use our product and how we can improve their experience with it,” said Nicole Perrault, documentation specialist at Apperian.

Real-time personalization allowed Apperian to interact with their customers through in-app messaging. Using Evergage, Apperian initiated an in-app survey campaign, starting with an A/B test of two different treatments of an NPS survey message. By utilizing the robust capabilities of the Evergage Platform, they were able to target the survey to administrative users at an appropriate time, respond with a pertinent follow-up message based on their answer,  and track all the survey results in one place.

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 10.19.40 AM

The NPS survey is a valuable tool to measure the quality of customer relationships. By understanding how customers use the Apperian platform and gauging their satisfaction with it, the team is able to improve the experience for them.

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“Using Evergage we could get these insights and survey them right in the app! We were also able to quickly decide which survey experience would be most successful, iterate and fine-tune, and leverage an important customer touch point in our efforts to achieve stellar customer satisfaction,” said Perrault.

For more details, download the Apperian case study!

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