As a marketer, you want every message to a prospect to be effective, so it’s important to consider the timing and targeting of each message. That’s where triggered email comes in. Triggered emails are sent on a one-off basis once a person meets certain criteria, ensuring the message is received by the right person at the right time. This type of email can lead to much better engagement and higher conversion rates compared to traditional batch-and-blast emails and other forms of marketing.

Frequently used by retailers to notify shoppers of items left in their shopping carts, of products they might like, or of relevant new inventory, triggered email has become a differentiated and highly effective tool for B2B companies too. To that end, we have launched a variety of triggered email campaigns here at Evergage. In our case, we trigger emails to website visitors who demonstrate an interest in specific topics. One campaign in particular, targeted at people showing an interest in customer data platforms (CDPs), has led to increased prospect engagement and website conversions.

I’ll dive into the specifics of this campaign in this blog post.

The Triggered Email Template

To start, we drafted an email template indicating that we recognize a visitor has an interest in CDPs and encouraging him to set up some time to speak with us (in other words, request a consultation — one of our most valuable CTAs) to learn more. We trigger this email to any visitor who engages with our CDP web page or any content we’ve tagged “CDP.” 

The email looks like this: 
triggered emails drive engagement


This campaign has been highly successful and greatly exceeded our expectations. On 155 email sends, we have seen a remarkable 28.3% clickthrough rate (yes, clickthrough rate, not open rate!). 

While the send volume isn’t very large (we are only targeting a small fraction of our website traffic for whom we have email addresses, after all), these emails have led to further discovery and opportunities with key target accounts. We’ve seen many consultation and demo requests from individuals who’ve responded to this campaign, and several of those have turned into meetings and opportunities for our sales reps. 

We’ve also determined that prospects who have received this triggered email have a much higher conversion rate (downloading an asset, requesting a demo) and more extensive website engagement (time on site, pages viewed) than typical website visitors. In fact, we’ve observed a whopping 37% conversion rate for visitors who received the email campaign which is more than 12X our average website conversion rate.

We were blown away by both the email clickthrough rate and this incredible conversion rate. Given how successful the campaign has been, it has inspired us to launch additional triggered email campaigns around visitor interest in other key topics on our website (like machine learning) or in using Evergage for specific use cases (like e-commerce). 

Behind-the-Scenes Setup

So how did we build this triggered email campaign? It was pretty quick and easy to do with Evergage. We started by re-purposing the HTML from one of our existing email templates in our marketing automation solution and updating the email copy and call-to-action as shown above. Then we cut and pasted the email HTML into a triggered email campaign in Evergage.

Next, we used Evergage to create a segment of users to target. Our target segment consisted of users who had downloaded a CDP-specific eBook or spent at least 20 seconds viewing a CDP-related asset (web page, blog post, webinar, video) and had not previously submitted a demo or consultation request. We also set the email to trigger an hour after a known user had engaged with one of our CDP-related assets.

Lastly, after some QA and testing, we pushed the campaign live and began measuring the results in Evergage over the next several weeks. We were able to see the number of sends, opens and clicks from the email. Evergage also allowed us to narrow in on what assets each person viewed or downloaded that triggered the email, as well as their firmographic and engagement data so our sales and business development team members could initiate well-informed conversations with their CDP prospects!

Final Thoughts

The next step you take after a prospect demonstrates genuine interest while on your site is critical. We believe B2B companies need to capitalize on such moments, and triggered email is an ideal technique for this.

To learn more about how Evergage for Triggered Email can help you drive engagement and conversions with your prospects, request a demo today.

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