Goals differ from company to company and website to website. A retailer may want to track first purchase, second purchase, purchases greater than $100 (LTV), first review written, etc. In contrast, B2B companies may want to track newsletter signups, demo requests, white paper downloads, survey completions, and blog articles read, etc. And a SaaS company may want to track steps in new customer onboarding, usage, upsells from freemium to paid products, etc.

Regardless of whether you’re trying to drive more leads or increase conversion rates, it’s important to be able to measure your goals to gauge overall success. By establishing global website goals within Evergage, you can not only monitor the results of a specific campaign, but also the impact of each campaign on your overall website goals.

For instance, let’s say you created a campaign specifically designed to increase newsletter signups. Measuring the success of the campaign is straightforward. However, you also have an overall website goal for increasing demo requests and are curious to see if the newsletter signup campaign impacts demo requests. With Evergage, every campaign can now be tracked against your overall site goals. Here is an example from our own site:

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 9.48.59 AM

As you can see, we added Booked Demo, Watched Product A Video and Newsletter Signup as goals. Now we will be able to track these goals against every campaign that we run, regardless of whether these were the objectives of the specific campaign. Someone who booked a demo might behave differently on your site than someone who signed up for the newsletter, and now you will be able to track their action in real time across your site. Using this information, you will be able to monitor a visitor’s path to conversion.

Conversely, you can evaluate if a campaign negatively impacts your overall website goals. As an example, a campaign encouraging email signups on a landing page may be getting an 8% goal completion, but visitors who see the campaign don’t end up looking at anything else on your site. As such, two of your primary website goals - Watched Product A Video and Booked Demo - have dropped dramatically from those who saw the email signup campaign on your landing page.

With goals, you are now able to take a deeper dive into all of your data and campaigns, measure success and compare ALL of your goals at the same time with only the click of a button. Ultimately, this is designed to give you more confidence in how your personalization initiatives are impacting your business objectives.