Imagine you are a new user coming to Twitter.  It can be a bit overwhelming.  You need to:

  • Figure out who to follow
  • Figure out how to tweet and what to say
  • Take that big first step of tweeting
  • Learn Twitter etiquette and best practices
  • Become a great social conversationalist

Some Twitter users will just figure things out on their own.  However many, including me when I first started, would benefit from some guidance. Twitter does a good job at helping new users to follow a few people,  but it then leaves you on your own to figure out the rest. How great would it be to have a Twitter expert sitting beside you guiding you to success?  

It would be possible for Twitter to do this using a combination of behavioral tracking and smart messages. Here is what it could look like: 

A focus on customer happiness means a focus on guiding each customer to success.

How do you focus on customer success? Let me know by tweeting @Apptegic.

image via Flickr