Companies with account-based marketing (ABM) strategies often spend a lot of time thinking about how to tailor their marketing activities to high-value target accounts. They also often employ strategies to treat existing customers in a special way. These two audiences are important to any B2B company, but they don’t include one group that often gets overlooked: prospects that are currently in the sales process but are not on the ABM target account list. These accounts are engaged in conversations with your salespeople and may even be in your forecast, so they’re pretty important, too!

We all want to be treated as unique individuals. No one wants to be treated “just like everyone else.” This is especially true when there’s an existing relationship with a company. Once an account enters into conversations with your sales team, they become special to you. And you should treat them that way.

With that in mind, we at Evergage wanted to make sure that we weren’t treating accounts with open opportunities like strangers. We wanted to let site visitors from such accounts know that we recognize them. Sometimes the visitor is the same person who’s involved in the sales process, while other times – as is often the case in enterprise B2B sales – it’s someone else from the same account who may be an influencer, a fellow evaluator or even a decision-maker. In this blog post, I’ll describe a recent campaign we launched to treat accounts with current sales opportunities differently while they’re on our site to give you some inspiration for evolving your own ABM strategy.

Welcome Message

At a high level, this ABM campaign involves recognizing accounts who are currently involved in conversations with our sales team, informing or reminding visitors from that account who their account manager is, and providing an easy way to get in touch with that person. We did this by triggering a personalized infobar to display to any account that currently have an open opportunity with us. The infobar welcomes them to our website and encourages them to connect with their rep, dynamically inserting their company name and the name of the sales representative handling their account. Here’s an example:

ABM accounts

If the prospect clicks through on the infobar, they are presented with a new form asking for some basic information (first and last name, email address and phone number – which, by the way, is pre-filled if already known). Once submitted, this form triggers an alert to the sales rep in charge of the account letting them know about the inquiry.

ABM accounts


While form submits with this campaign aren’t too frequent, the campaign has led to further discovery and opportunities with key target accounts. We’ve also determined that prospects who have seen the infobar have a much higher conversion rate (downloading an asset, requesting a demo) and engagement rate (time on site, pages viewed) than a typical website visitor. We’ve actually observed a 8.3% conversion rate for visitors who viewed the infobar campaign which is nearly triple our average website conversion rate. So just recognizing and acknowledging known, active prospects on the site appears to influence their level of engagement.

Behind the Scenes

This campaign is powered by our bi-directional integration between Evergage and Salesforce. Evergage regularly pulls in account and contact data from Salesforce and uses that data in real time. Also, when a visitor submits a form on our website, Evergage pushes any net new data they’ve entered back into Salesforce.

We are able to identify each visitor’s company when they land on the site either from their input on any of our website forms or through reverse IP lookup using Evergage’s B2B Detect feature. This also gives us the ability to pull in firmographic data (revenue, industry, number of employees, etc.) that can be used to personalize visitor experiences.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t make sense to provide accounts with a personalized experience when they’re talking with your sales team, but then treat them like strangers when they land on your site. We believe B2B companies should broaden their ABM programs to ensure they aren’t ignoring this important group of prospects.

To learn more about how Evergage can help you recognize accounts with open opportunities or other special characteristics, request a demo today.