Our engineering team is pretty incredible.

Their work has helped Evergage further solidify our status as the premier real-time personalization platform by deepening our machine learning capabilities, adding numerous new cross-channel features, and continuously improving existing features.

Today, we are pleased to announce two more important product enhancements: a new way to schedule campaigns and a campaign debugger. Both of these new features promise to dramatically improve your ability to manage campaigns and troubleshoot issues.

Scheduling Campaigns

The new scheduler allows Evergage users to turn a campaign on or off during desired time intervals. We’ve always provided the ability to set a start and end time/date for a campaign – and still do – but this new feature enables you to make it happen automatically!

Now, similar to how you’d schedule a recurring meeting in Google Calendar (actually, it’s easier than that), you can define the days and the hour that you want your campaign to run. From the scheduling grid, simply select individual time blocks or hold and drag your mouse across multiple hours/days to establish when the campaign should appear.

Here are two quick use case examples:

Let’s say you’d like to display a recurring promotional banner on your homepage every Tuesday – but only on Tuesdays. Rather than having to remember to turn the campaign on/off every week, you can use campaign scheduler to set the rules and Evergage will automatically turn the campaign on at 12:01 a.m. and turn it off at 11:59 p.m. (every Tuesday) until you decide to modify or end the campaign. The scheduler would look like this:

campaign scheduler

Or perhaps your company offers an online chat support during normal business hours. When no one is available to answer live requests, you to want display a campaign that invites people to email support instead. Appropriate campaign parameters can easily be configured using the campaign scheduler within the Evergage platform – see screenshot below.

campaign scheduler

Campaign Debugger

Located within Evergage Tools, the debugger is designed to expedite campaign troubleshooting.

On occasions when a personalization campaign does not appear as anticipated, an Evergage user can navigate to the debugger tab and access a list of all campaigns that aren’t firing on a particular page. The debugger shows the campaign name, its ID, and, more importantly, an explanation of why the campaign is not being displayed. It’s kind of like the ultimate self-service tool!

campaign scheduler

Should you have any questions about Evergage or these new features, do not hesitate to get in touch. Until then, happy scheduling and troubleshooting!