We’re excited to introduce Evergage B2B Detect™, a new capability that allows B2B marketers to deploy different experiences to visitors based on their industry or company name.20150203_EG_B2B-Detect_Draft-04-B

Utilizing multiple best-in-class IP data sources from a repository of millions of organizations and hundreds of NAICS industry codes, Evergage’s B2B customers can now gain additional, powerful intelligence about site traffic to tailor experiences for key accounts and industry segments. Customers can use the new functionality to:

Improve demand generation for significant buyers and segments

Target visitors based on company name, industry and postal code

Get the right messages in front of high-value prospects immediately

Better leverage content assets they’ve already invested in

As an example, a company selling to IT professionals in the healthcare, retail and financial industries can use the Evergage Platform to create three versions of their homepage, each with a different hero banner, call-to-action and content. As target visitors access your website, they will receive customized experiences related to their respective industries.

B2B Detect is sold as an add-on module to the Evergage Platform. For more information, please read more in today's press release.