According to Aberdeen Research, 96% of marketers think that email personalization improves email marketing performance. They also found that personalized emails improve click-through rates by an average of 14 percent and conversions by 10 percent. But the challenges of understanding customers’ true interests and intent, wrangling data, and combining it seamlessly with all the other elements that go into email messages prevents most marketers from reaping all of those benefits. Not anymore.

We are pleased to announce Evergage for Email, a new cross-channel solution that enables marketers to insert personalized content and recommendations into their email campaigns.

The solution allows companies to leverage the deep behavioral tracking capabilities of the Evergage platform to capture true customer intent across web and/or mobile app interactions and then deliver relevant content or recommendations as personalized emails sent via any marketing automation system or email communications solution.  

Email Personalization Across Industries

An online retailer could use Evergage for Email to insert product recommendations – using Evergage Recommend – that showcase items in the shopper’s preferred category and that were purchased most frequently by similar shoppers. Conversely, a technology company focused on demand generation could use Evergage for Email to present a visual message in an email newsletter that promotes the most relevant eBook the recipient has not yet downloaded. These are just two examples, but the possibilities and use cases are endless.

Evergage for Email

With Evergage for Email, marketers define, build and customize personalized content, which is then rendered as HTML blocks and placed into emails. These content blocks can be easily customized to match a company’s style and brand guidelines.

When building a campaign in Evergage to deliver 1:1 product or content recommendations, a marketer can choose how many items to include in the content block and apply a recommendation strategy. Once finished, they simply copy and paste the HTML code – for the Evergage campaign – into any outgoing email campaign.

Personalized content and/or recommendations are displayed once an email is opened by a campaign recipient. Best of all, Evergage for Email can be used to deliver personalized emails regardless of the  marketing automation or email solution provider. No integrations are required!

For more information, check out the Evergage for Email web page or contact us for a demo.