As you're probably aware, the latest iPhone – versions 6S and 6S Plus – will be released this Friday, September 25th. Knowing I was due for an upgrade, I recently logged into my wireless carrier's mobile app to explore my upgrade options. Later that day while on my laptop, I logged on to the carrier's website to see what I need to do to purchase a new iPhone. To my surprise, the carrier had no recollection I had expressed interest in upgrading while using their mobile app a few hours earlier.

This example illustrates a challenge marketers across industries are trying to address: how do you leverage web and mobile app analytics data to deliver seamless customer experiences across channels? Provided mobile traffic is expected to triple by 2018, these types of scenarios will only increase in importance. Fortunately, it's a problem Evergage is well positioned to solve!

Today, we're excited to introduce Evergage for Mobile Apps, a new product that enables marketers to track the behaviors of mobile app users and apply the insights gathered to personalize each user’s experience in the app or on the web – all in real time.

Once a few lines of code are incorporated into your mobile app, Evergage for Mobile Apps logs mobile app user sessions, screen views, time spent per screen, product purchases, products added to carts and more. This data, which is available in real time, resides in a single, actionable data store along with data collected by Evergage on other channels (e.g. web, mobile web or web application) or from third-party systems like a CRM or marketing automation solution.

Pretty impressive, right? Well, there's more. Using the Evergage Platform, customers can utilize all of Evergage’s personalization features – behavioral testing, real-time segmentation and targeting, A/B and multivariate testing, individualized product and content recommendations, statistical analysis, and attribution reporting – for web and mobile app users.

If you're like my wireless carrier and struggling to figure out how to leverage cross-channel data to deliver seamless user experiences, we should talk.